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22 Inbound Call Centre Features

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22 Inbound Call Centre Features

There are a multitude ways to set up an inbound call centre, but the core configurations are based around a simple premise, get your most valuable customer (the one who is calling you!) to the right person in the shortest space of time and give them an experience that they will want to tell others about, promoting your business by word of mouth.

In this article, we are going to review some of the features that Com2 can help you add to an inbound call centre for your business

These features are available on both Cloud Contact Centre platforms as well as On Premise Call Centre solutions and Com2 Communications will consult with you to identify which solution would suit you most.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

The quickest way to reduce staffing costs and improve customer service is to get your customers to the right person the first time. Route high value callers into the correct departments first whilst low value transactions can be automated to free up incoming call queues,

Repeat Caller Recognition

A smart inbound solution recognizes a repeat caller and where appropriate puts them to the head of the queue to attempt to speak to the last agent they spoke to so that the customer experience is not just better, but the best!

Routing based on Data

By accessing internal and/or external databases, your contact centre solution can deliver an individual experience to a customer and direct their call according to their history with your organization or based on caller ID or area of originating call

Last Agent Contact

Last Agent Contact directs your customer back to the agent who was looking after them, especially if they have been given higher priority based on a current open service ticket, or just because they are a high value customer. Over delivery to your most valued customers goes a long way!

Skills-Based Routing

Routing calls based on Agent Skill Level should be at the core of an effective inbound strategy. Customer satisfaction surveys have found that customers who get to the right person within 60 seconds are the biggest promoters of your company and your rating is even higher if there is no wait at all. Skills based routing assists by getting customers to an expert for their inquiry.  Talk to our team to find out how to implement this strategy in your contact centre.

Callback in Queue

When your customer is on hold, you can give them a choice to take advantage of Callback in Queue. They can opt to have an agent call them back while retaining their place in your queue.

Peak Call Load Spreading

Utilising the callback in queue feature, you can spread your peak loads to less busy periods and improve the customer interaction by having the last agent they spoke to return their call.

Multi-channel – Multi-Media Contact Centre

Customers are looking to communicate with your organization the way they want to. Our range of contact centre solutions allows your business to manage and route all types of media including voice, chat, social media, email and video. How do you communicate with your customers?

Customise and Adapt to Daily Demands

With all solutions coming with expert training, even those with little technical skill can learn to manage your own IVR, routing, post call customer surveys and more. Our team can organize a demonstration for you and your team to get a grasp of how easy it can be to manage your own contact centre.

Drag-and-drop Management Tools

Managing IVR’s and call flows is quick and easy with intelligent drag and drop interfaces. There is an array of templates you can use or you can become a guru and create your own. To become the best in class you need to be different to your competitors and these tools will allow you and your contact centre to stand out.

Inbound – Outbound Auto Blending

Auto Blending adjusts call centres with both outbound and inbound traffic to improve customer satisfaction. In this environment the inbound traffic is given priority as these are your new or repeat customers so call volumes are shifted as required, allocating resources from outbound to inbound when demand increases.

Collaborate in real time

Agents can communicate with ease using instant messaging and our built-in chat feature. Your agents can collaborate, share insights, or receive input from supervisors instantly.

PCI-DSS compliance

We can incorporate a PCI compliance setup to keep your customer data secure

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Collect critical business feedback from your customers at the end of every call with a built in Customer Survey module. This allows your business to focus on internal improvements or to get in on the trend of understanding your NPS (Net Promoter Score). Talk to Com2 today to discuss how we can implement a customer survey into your call centre

In Call Monitoring and Coaching

You can Listen In, Whisper (where the agent can hear you but customer cannot). Buddy (where you can join an agent on the call) or Steal (where you can take a problem call off a less experienced agent). All exceptionally effective tools to coach and develop your staff on live calls.

Call Recording

Use call recordings to coach staff members or to demonstrate benchmark call performances. Call recording can also be used for voice signatures and voice acceptance of contracts in a sales or compliance driven environment.

Agent Desktop Application

Agents can utilize a simple single sign on to log into the system.  You can add scripts, manage calls, see call queues and have one click access into your business critical customer management tools.

CRM Integration

There are limitless possibilities for CRM and system API integration for your business critical applications. With out of the box solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, and Sales Force among others, your business efficiency will lift with tighter integration and automation of record keeping.  Call recordings can be deposited into your CRM for long term customer relationship management as you would find in any world class contact centre.

CTI Screen Pop

With call volumes ever increasing, business efficiency driven by the tools at your fingertips have never been more important. CTI integration allows for information on your caller to be pulled and presented to the agent to streamline the customer interaction and to give the agent tools to handle the call more professionally. 

Wallboards and Customizable Reports

Simple setup, drag and drop reporting interface for your call centre wallboards displaying to your agents critical call metrics and queue volumes. Translate this into real time statistics and detailed reports for management and performance discussions. Take control!

Real-time Monitoring

Real time statistics available in the palm of your hand at any time. Access management tools and full administrative interfaces remotely so you can manage the call centre even while you are out at lunch!

Powerful Management Tools

Make changes on the fly, modify and manage queues and call flows with the click of a button, no IT person required. Your entire work force will love the way the system adapts at speed.

Put Your Customers First

From the point your customers enter your call centre, they will be routed with efficiency, delivered with integrated ease and acknowledged by your agents, recorded and monitored by team leaders and management tools, reported on and data collected on how you do even better next time. Truly placing your customer at the front of every transaction allows them to feel like they are getting a first-class experience – because they are!.

With the abundance of features available, this is just a snapshot of how Com2 Communications can assist your call centre perform. From small call centres to government departments, Com2 Communications has a solution for all industries and call centre sizes. 

Call Com2 on 1300 887 495 or send us an enquiry and experience our professional knowledge, service and experience firsthand with one of our contact centre experts today.

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