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Sunshine Coast gets DaaS!

by john

Sunshine Coast Property Management Company moves to Desktop as a Service


Moving your business to the cloud has become a lot easier...

Desktop as a Service or “DaaS” is Com2’s newest innovation.  Move your business computing resources such as servers, Microsoft office applications and this customer’s scenario, their property management software “Console” into a hosted desktop environment.

Like many businesses, our client was struggling with maintaining and managing their old servers and were looking for alternatives to an onsite server and having to be in the office to access their data every day. Rather, they wanted a fully managed solution that could be delivered to them no matter where they were or what device they were using

DaaS is a true BYOD solution. There are no additional IT requirements other than your PC, smartphone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connected device and you can gain access to your business, it is that easy.

“As part of our customer confidence & assurance program, we walked our clients through the Next DC Data Centre in Brisbane, through this experience the true value of a quality data centre as the backbone of their DaaS solution was made clear”. John Boshier, Director of Com2 Communications commented.

The NextDC Data Centre in Brisbane is a state of the art facility. It was completely retrofitted in 2007 at a cost of $27 million and is now a purpose built environment with biometric scanning and triple entry security protocols as just the starters. All floors and server rooms are built to world standards in security, cooling and disaster proofing. The facility is recognized nationally as being one of the most resilient and comprehensive environments of its type. Flood proof, 3 layers of power redundancy, interconnects with just about every telecommunications carrier in Australia makes it one of the most resilient Data Centres in the world!


Talk to Com2 Communications today about Desktop as a Service and your moving your business to the Cloud.


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