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Hello! We are Com2 Communications. The Gold Coast’s high speed data connection experts! We are passionate about seeing the Gold Coast get the best internet speeds for their money and the best service in the industry. Our data solutions include Fibre Connections, Ethernet services such as MBE, EoC and EFM, Voice over Internet (VoIP) and SIP trunks. We help you move from the old technology to new technology and make it easy so you can focus on growing your business!!



In one word: EASY! Our team make your telecommunications easy! We come to your business, we consult with you, your team and our network engineers to design the best speed that money can get from an internet service. We communicate in plain english and work with you. We organise the solution end to end. Our team all have the experience required to make it… EASY! Call the team and discuss your needs and we’ll be out to see you ASAP! Com2 are your experts in Data.



It is all about your business! We’ll come out to your Gold Coast business to do a site survey and usage analysis. We check to see if your business could benefit from just an internet service or an complete technology update. We check to see if there are more efficient ways to do the things you do now to assist you in saving even more! We then design the entire solution and present it to you in a simple to understand proposal. Sound good? Then get in touch today! 1300 887 495.


What we can do:



If you want the fastest internet connection for your Gold Coast Business, Fibre is the answer. There is unlimited speed potential from Fibre Links, and our team at Com2 will help you find the most competitive connection on the Gold Coast. Our experts will then help you get the most out of your service by adding you voice and more so you can SAVE!!


EFM & EoC Ethernet

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and EoC (Ethernet over Copper) are the most cost effective ways to get connected to HIGH SPEED DATA! Our Midband Ethernet solutions can go up to 10Gbps and our team can help you choose the right plan for your business so that your business can remain competitive. Talk to the experts on the Gold Coast on 1300887495!


SIP & VoIP over DATA

The team at Com2 have access to PABX technicians for all brands of phone systems. We will work with you and your PABX to find the bext way to save money utilising the latest in SIP and VoIP technology. Save money and reap the rewards of a high speed data connection with SIP or Voice over Internet today! Com2 – the experts on the GC! . 


Hosted Phone Systems

Want to move to a Hosted PABX? Looking to take your Gold Coast business to the cloud? We can deploy your business to a cloud hosted phone system over a high speed data link today! Call the GC Experts! 

Local Fibre Links

If you need to do an internal fibre run or cabling in your Gold Coast business premises, talk to our team about getting one of our fibre technicians in to make the job simple and cost effective! Call 1300 887 495 today!

Technical Support

If you are looking for Phone System Maintenace on the Gold Coast or technical support with your business internet, data networks or internal IT systems, we have an extended network of IT Gurus to help your business!!

Call Centres

We're THE EXPERTS in call centre solutions on the Gold Coast. We deploy call centre solutions for small operations through to carrier grade deliveries. Call Com2 to help you with your call centre today!



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