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PSTN Phone Lines

Every business needs a PSTN landline somewhere in the mix. It is one of the first types of lines connected for any small business and is the most common service in Australian telecommunications. If you are moving or looking for additional lines for your business, the PSTN is a powerful tool.

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

PSTN (or Basic Access services) are analogue services that run over copper from the telephone exchange (Telstra, Optus or others) to your business premises. In a business connection, these terminate at the MDF (main distribution frame) of your property and are then rn from there by copper pairs to either a socket (where you plug in a phone or fax or modem) or to a Patch Panel in a Data Cabinet which then connects to your PABX or phone system. Com2 Communications can help you connect PSTN services as required.

What do PSTN services get used for?

PSTN services are commonly used for phone calls and incoming lines, but the PSTN is the only service an ADSL 1 or ADSL 2+ can run on. It is also where many businesses choose to run there fax machine from or Alarm services from. In Medical Centre telephony or health services, there is commonly a use of a PSTN for HiCaps machines. The PSTN service is also used frequently to run Eftpos. Many of the mentioned uses however are either moving to online internet based services or wireless 3G/4G services and are becoming redundant.

How many PSTN services should I connect?

PSTN services come in single services so they can enable a business to connect or grow by one phone line at a time. This is great for small businesses. In general, a new business may connect 1 or 2 lines to get started, with 1 line for phone and the other for fax & ADSL internet. However, the current trend is to do 2 lines for incoming/outgoing calls (with the ADSL service bundled with one of these services) and move the fax to an online eFax solution. If you are a growing business and are passing 4 lines or more, it is time to look at ISDN Services - click here for more.

Can PSTN services Line-Hunt?

Correct! PSTN services have a feature called line hunt. This enables the services to act as a group on numbers where if one line is busy it rolls to the next and so on. This way your business can take multiple calls at one time and is only limited by the number of lines you have.

Should I connect PSTN services or VoIP / SIP?

This question really needs a discussion with one of our knowledgeable team members! Call us now on 1300 887 495.

Do Com2 Communications sell PSTN services?

Yes we do. We offer competitive line rental and call costs to businesses of all sizes, we can manage and look after your accounts and services and can liaise with large carriers to ensure you have the best experience getting services connected and working quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of a PSTN service?

The Benefits of PSTN Landlines are:

- available Australia wide
- a cost effective way to have a fixed number for you business as well as a service to run other critical business services over (fax/internet)
- A great startup cost - single phone line
- Come with an option to list in the Telstra white pages free of charge.

What are the disadvantages of a PSTN service?

The primary disadvantages of PSTN services are:

- More expensive that other digital and IP based telephony services for growing and larger businesses
- No transferring of calls out of the business - you need to have ISDN or VoIP/SIP for transferring of calls.
- No Direct extension dialling for individuals in the business

How do I get a PSTN phone line connected?

Call our team on 1300 887 495 or contact us through our webform below and one of our friendly team will help you get a new service organised!

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