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What is a call hunt group?

by john

So.... What is a call hunt group and which is the best hunt group for my business?

A hunt group is a designated set of users, lines or individual extension that are place into a group for a particular type of incoming call. This feature is available on most PABXPhone Systems, both on-premises phone systems or hosted phone system solutions. A good example of a hunt group would be a sales group, admin group and support group in a technical sales business like Com2. When external callers hit the phone system or exchange, the calls are routed to:

-          Team members of a “group”

-          A sequential set of team members based on duration of ring

-          An IVR which then would split the calls out to different hunt groups

-          A series of event scenarios.

Common modes found in hunt groups are:

-          All Available – all extensions in a group that are not on a call are rung

-          Sequential – each time a call comes in it tries extension 1, then 2, then 3 and so on until answered.

-          Rotary – the first call goes to user 1, then then second call goes to user 2 and so on, if a user is busy the call goes to the next user.

-          Longest idle – in this hunt method, the system identifies which user has been idle the longest and distributes the call to this user.

Other functions built in association with Hunt Groups are:

-          Group overflow – when a call cannot be answered by the destination group, overflow groups can be added and cascaded to ensure calls are answered.

-          Skills based groups – where individuals can have an assigned skill level for a particular call type (e.g. sales or technical) and then calls of this nature can be routed to a combination of highest skill set and available to take call status.

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