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1300 Numbers Create a Powerful Customer Experience

by john

Your business image is solidified by the experience a customer has when they get in touch via your 1300 Inbound number...

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1300 numbers are indeed a very powerful tool businesses should invest in when it comes to upgrading their marketing and promotional media. These numbers also come in handy with regard to using the many features and calling options that come along with having the service. Depending on your provider, the 1300 and 1800 numbers come with some features that help guarantee your business develops an amazing call experience for your customers.

Aside from the options of geographic routing, here are some other features that are included with 1300 numbers that will enhance your business:

Professionally Recorded Announcement

Having a very professionally recorded announcement play at the beginning of a call is a great way to set the atmosphere for a great call experience. Depending on the requirements of your provider, the announcement can be used to reinforce your brand or simply to promote. The recording isn’t going to be set in stone and can be changed whenever there is a need for a new announcement.

Auto Attendant

This feature works well in conjunction with the professionally recorded announcement. The Auto Attendant or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a wonderful way to make call handling more efficient. Using this feature, calls can be routed to the proper agents easier and faster using recordings and the IVR. Is this feature complicated? Not at all! A simple call set-up could even include just three options. The number of options needed for your business will depend on how you decide to set it up.

Voice to Email

Most of the 1300 numbers include a Voice to Email feature. This feature is basically a voice mail service that routes voice messages to a designated email account where they can be retrieved as audio file attachments. This is actually one of the popular features that get used by businesses to have calls answered after office hours. Here is where your professionally recorded message can be used to really help improve your business image.

Call Overflow

The Call Overflow feature is definitely a standard of just about every service provider that issues 1300 numbers. Simply put, whenever a call isn’t answered within a certain number of rings or the line is busy, the calls will be routed automatically via the Call Overflow feature. The destination point for the routed or re-routed calls can be a voice to email, different business site or wherever the business has deemed necessary for excess calls to be answered.

Call Distributor

The Call Distributor option is an especially great choice for businesses that have multiple sites. Calls can be diverted a number of ways using this feature. Some businesses choose to have a certain percentage of calls sent to each site. Other businesses may choose to divert calls based on the geographic location of the caller. Another diversion may be set up to divert calls based on times of the day.

Time Dependant Routing

As mentioned earlier, there are some businesses that will need to have the option of diverting calls depending on the times of day. A business may have one site answering calls during a morning shift while another site takes over the calls for a night shift. Also, the time dependant routing may simply be used to route calls to an answering service after office hours.

As you can see, there are so many ways to upgrade your business image and provide an excellent customer service experience simultaneously. Our team at Com2 Communications is here to assist you in making the best choices and getting your business set on the right path. Contact our team today by clicking here and/or calling 1300 887 495.

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