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15 HOT features of the Avaya IP Office Release 9.0

by john


Release 9 of the Avaya IP office is on its way, but we thought we would remind you of what is already hot and amazing about the Avaya IP Office. No Top5 or Top 10 things with Avaya IP Office, we have to look at the TOP 15!

Mobile Twinning
Mobile phone call control feature that you can transfer calls back to the office, can have one number application, turn twinning on and off remotely.

Push Voice mail to Email
Receive SMTP voicemail to email messages with any compatible email device. Version 9 allows the SMTP email to be sent direct from the Avaya IP office

Click to Call
Built in TAPI 1st party so you can dial from your contacts in Outlook

One Main Equipment
Scalable and flexible from 2 to 384 Extensions.

Future Ready
Hybrid architecture allows digital, analogue, IP and SIP extensions along with PSTN, ISDN, H323 and SIP trunks to be connected to the system.
User and Group Announcements
Playa welcome courtesy message allowing you to prompt your callers that all agents are busy and will be with you shortly, then the caller is placed on hold hearing Company music and messages
Every user gets a Voicemail withminimumof15HOURSSTORAGE.as 4 ports gets 20 hours and 6 ports gets 25 hours. New feature that allows you to listen to the customer leaving the message and then you can break in if you like (same as home answer machine).
Automated Attendant
Personalised key press options, ego please press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts etc. ... Hot Desking Allowing any users logging in and out of any extension keeping their user profile (internal
Multi Adhoc Conferences
Connect multiple internal and external people together (2x Up to 64 participants MAX). Works on ISDN and SIP lines only.*
Multiple Music on Hold
Up to 4 different MOH sources (Great for multi tenanting for businesses)

Call Center
Set up multiple queues and agents! Click to read more about Call Centre features here

Call Monitoring/Coaching/Intrusion
Out of the box ability to monitor, coach or intrude on calls from a handset set as a supervisor. Great for staff training and development.
IP Office offers a traditional dual LED handset layout (Simple to use and easy to train new staff). Digital and IP phones same fixed button layout
Headset Connections
Electronic Hook switches so there is no need for mechanical lifters (Jabra Pro 920 with Link EHS cable).

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