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6 Ways VoIP and SIP can change the way you work

by john

Hosted VoIP or SIP PABX solutions

VoIP or SIP phone systems are starting to be seen and used everywhere around the globe. Due to how dominant the internet has become, more people and organisations are having more ways to communicate with one another. A good portion of the changes are relative to speed. Other changes are regarding management, degree of automation and mobility.

One thing that seems to be obvious regarding VoIP is how companies and people usually lean toward using tools that allow them to stay competitive in their market. Just to make things clearer, let’s get into 6 ways VoIP has changed the way businesses communicate.

1. Reduction of Communication Costs

Typically, telco has been one of the bigger overhead costs seen on most business financial sheets. This cost has been dominated by the overheads of "Line Rental" but this component of the bill has all but dissapeared (ask us about $0 line rental on SIP!). The development of VoIP phone systems, alongside the web, has lessened working expenses, and to some degree, boundaries to entering into the business world. Due to the very little set-up and additional fees, large and small businesses have come to depend on VoIP over basic landlines for their communication needs. Reductions primarily come from moving from traditional PSTN/ISDN to SIP or moving to a Hosted PABX.

2. Integration

The way the system can integrate is another great component of VoIP and modern PABX solutions which has made it appealing to business owners and helped define how businesses operate on a daily basis. Being able to integrate smoothly with email programs like Outlook and CRM's or with other office applications permits those who use it to accomplish more things in more than just one way. For instance, contacts can be uploaded, call information can be downloaded, and documents can be shared with others by just a mouse click.

3. Better Management and Usage Accounts

With great integration always comes better administration and account controls for each user. Personalisation is a component of Hosted PABX's and recent web interfaced PABX's that allows the user to program their call routing inhouse. This along with the call journals and address books so they can easily be retrieved when needed and stored automatically. Meanwhile, being able to monitor use and retrieve necessary reports and other summaries of user profiles is also being made simpler. Managers are able to access the call logs and usage information to manage IT use and control costs. These components usually lead to things being more transparent and accountable within a business when it comes to the requirements for telecommunications.

4. Speed

With the large number of choices that are available to management and users, options such as VoIP essentially permit companies to accomplish more things at a faster speed than it has in the past. This means the effectiveness and efficiency of a company can really increase. A few ways these things can increase include:

  • lowering the need for redundancy and information input
  • permitting clients to recover call logs and call journals rapidly
  • rather than waiting until guests came back to their work area or redialling the client's cell phone number, choices like organised call forwarding permits the caller to contact employees faster, no matter where their current location.

5. Conferencing

As VoIP systems and hosted PBX's continue to make the conference process simpler, they've really transformed connectivity by decreasing our sense of distance. Video conferencing is currently very affordable and employees and other clients can begin to work together and feel closer than they really are. Telephone and video conferencing may have once been a painstakingly organised activity. However, as video conferencing is presently affordable, video calling that can happen spontaneously has surely increased the ability of remote teams to work together in real time.

6. Mobility

Alongside other technological tools such as cell phones and broadband, VoIP has redefined mobility. It's super easy now to make calls on an international or interstate level for extended periods without it costing tons of money. Sharing phone records, monitoring a huge customer database and retrieving call data and history are all simpler things to do with the introduction of VoIP.

Have these six points regarding VoIP, SIP and Hosted PBX solutions helped you realise some things you hadn’t thought of before? For more information or some assistance finding the perfect VoIP plan or Hosted PABX solution for your business, contact Com2 on 1300 887 495.

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