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Relocating your Business?

by john

Need help building a strategy to relocate your business?

So, your lease has expired or you are ready to upsize and you have spotted the new dream property to house your business, but we all know the idea of moving your business is a daunting one - how will you manage the move, who will look after what, will I lose my customers?  Here are some thoughts we have on relocating that makes it more enjoyable....

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Plan it well: Relocating your business is more than picking up and putting it down again at the new place, it is about building a team of experts and project managers to take care of the big things, and the smaller things. Com2 can help you relocate your business communications, phone lines, internet and infrastructure, and the movers can pack and deliver to the new site, but here are a few more tips for you to consider if you are relocating your business

Make a celebration of it: It is all how it is positioned and sold to your customer base. There is cause for celebration that this change has been made possible by your loyal customers supporting you over the years of your company's growth. You are rewarding your clients with a new positive location with improved features, store design and merchandise!

Contact your existing Customers: each of you customers is an investment of time, commitment and energy that has to be maintained. Try to make it super easy for them to understand your business relocation by in store marketing pamphlets or on their dockets and invoices. Your relocation should be about keeping your customers and adding new ones so market as much as possible to this database and ask them to spread the word. It is cheaper to keep your current customer than it is to build new ones!

Over Communicate, and did I say Over communicate!! If you think you have done enough to let people know where you are relocating to, double your effort! It is better to be safe than sorry. You may understand you are moving, and by now it is getting a little hectic, but you must make sure you do not inconvenience one customer who is going to be a return customer. Start your messages early, and keep it up until you have moved, make the last communication a map with a voucher, make people follow you for a reason!

Business Relocations

Pictures say more than words!: People are inherently directionally challenged! giving them a map to reference off and a picture of the new location helps them visualise the new path to your newly relocated business! Just as importantly, get your signage up as early as possible at the new location, it lets the existing customers see the new shop and potential new customers know what is coming

Create an Incentive: I mentioned it before, but I can't emphasise enough, an incentive will bring individuals for a look around. Promote your business relocation with similar vigour as you would a grand opening. Once you have got them there, encourage them to connect to social media and keep marketing to them, this is a vital part of the communication loop and keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

The Grand Re-Grand Opening! Celebrate! Have your most loyal customers come along and bring a friend. Invite the news papers and any press you can get to the event to get as much free publicity as you can to get a return on this investment. Get your brand out and about in you new locality, mail drops (with that incentive!) will get local people talking and referring before you know it.

Planning your business relocation is an exciting time in any business, and with Com2 on your side, we can make your business move stress free and easier to manage.

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