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The Benefits of Fleet Management for your Business

by john

Fleet Management has been proven to increase productivity, improve mobility functions and address communication issues within company drivers and operations staff. A central station where each member has access allows for more opportunities for follow-ups and troubleshooting circumstantial and even individual concerns.

Businesses that rely on mobile vehicles should understand that each roving unit is a valuable asset that needs to be maintained efficiently in order to increase its useful life. Fleet Management can be utilised to track each vehicle and map out its routes. This can be instrumental when submitting diagnostics for mechanical analysis. At any time, drivers need to able to report if there is an incident beyond the scope of the natural working day’s itinerary. Access to a central base improves security for company assets and lets management establish control over its operations.

In every plan of action, the capability of the driver to understand instructions draws the line between successful deliveries and the possibility of jeopardising client contracts. Companies need to be able to manage their drivers well and Fleet Management is the first step in having a transparent connection between both parties. An open relationship can contribute to productivity. Managers can show drivers which areas of skill and function they can still improve on and they’ll always have a record of how the data was collected.

On the other hand, drivers will also have an open line of communication with operations managers. They can easily report irregularities, accidents and circumstantial issues such as missing documents and discrepancies between maps and actual roads. Each incident is a chance for the system to be improved, leading to smoother procedural decisions in the future.

As mentioned, productivity will experience an upward trend because of efficient communication setups. With Fleet Management, there will be less need to replace current drivers, thus saving on training costs for new ones. Since confusion regarding directions is easily addressed, there will always be a chance to save on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Fleet Management can be applied to a variety of industries. If you are running a taxi service, the provider can serve as dispatchers and act as the centre for reporting incidents. Delivery services can focus on improving warehouse facilities and leave the communication among vehicles to Fleet Management agents.

Com2 Communications offers 30 years of experience in providing communication solutions for Australian businesses. They can help you set up Fleet Management systems and you don’t have to worry about calling up suppliers. Visit them online for more information.

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Different headsets for different purposes

by john

When it comes to choosing a headset, there are several types available. Each type of headset serves a different purpose. Some of the different types of headsets include corded, Bluetooth, wireless, mobile, office, computer and gaming headsets. Here, we will explore more about these headsets.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets have come a long way with recent technological developments. These types of headsets are growing in popularity as they do not require any type of wire to connect to a device. The wireless headset works by communication with a base unit through radio signals that use either FM, Wi-Fi, infrared, or Bluetooth technology. There are noise reduction options available for these headsets as well as mute options. There are also amplifiers for wireless headsets that can increase the distance of roaming up to 100 metres and can increase the enhancement of the signal.

Corded Headsets

While a corded headset does not offer as much flexibility, the main benefit of this type of headset is that is often less expensive. These are available in many models to be used with VoIP, and for voice recognition on a PC. These can typically connect to the device through a USB port or something similar. A corded headset can be used with a mobile phone in order to give a person the flexibility of being hands free while on the phone, so they can accomplish other tasks.

When choosing a headset, it is a good idea to consider what it is going to be used for. For someone considering a gaming headset, wireless options such as the Jabra PRO 900 series from Com2 Communications offer a fantastic solution. These headsets are affordable and offer a great entry level device. The sound clarity is quite clear, and they are really easy to begin using. For those working in the office all day who need a professional headset the Jabra 9120 offers freedom of 80 metres as well as up to 12 hours of talk time and the ability to charge on a dock easily and quickly.

There are several great corded headsets available from Com2 Communications as well. These wonderful sets offer clear sound as well as audio that may sound more natural. In addition, the cordless sets are often less expensive. When working in an office it is important that your clients can hear you. The HW251N Monaural noise cancelling wired headphones are a great option for that purpose. These headsets ensure that your clients will be able to hear what you are saying to them clearly, and you can hear them perfectly as well.

No matter what type of headset that is being considered it is important to choose one that is going to be comfortable and work well with your particular needs. Visit Com2 Communications to see what they have on offer today.

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Avaya IP Office - The best phone system for call centres

by john

A successful company, regardless of size, will always have an effective means of communications, which can be provided by the Avaya IP Office phone system. Below are some of the reasons why your company should consider having an Avaya IP Office installed in your office.

Recognition based on reliability

Since the 1980s, Avaya has delivered an effective internal communications means to numerous businesses and. Many call centres worldwide utilise Avaya’s phone system to deliver solutions to their clients and customers. Among the number of companies who uses an Avaya phone system are those listed among the Fortune 500 companies.

Economical and operation cost cutting

The traditional way for companies to cater to their clients and customers is to purchase their local provider services. Any additional lines or equipment to meet any business needs to their provider will create additional monthly expenses and installation costs. Call centres attempting to upgrade and expand their system with their business through their local service providers will find it costly and difficult.

Avaya’s communication solution is able to provide lower costs by combining the data and applications used for calls within an IP infrastructure. Their phone system is also able to reduce hardware and trunk expenses with their end-to-end SIP.

Businesses are also able to utilise their latest energy-efficient desk phones, receive a free call recording option and built-in conference bridge that can accommodate approximately 128 people. It can also combine different services and tools for use with networking, security and management to deliver a comprehensive service without additional costs.

Flexible and adaptable to any scenario

Avaya IP office has a list of significant features that can be utilised for any business needs. They provide different collaboration tools from the basic voice service to a more advanced data communications system. Your business will be able to provide the right applications to connect everyone from office staff, receptionists, remote staff, mobile workers, customer service agents and team leaders.  Avaya IP office can deploy a hybrid communication means through IP, digital, SIP and analog technology depending on the business needs of a company.

Increase productivity and efficiency among the workforce

Avaya IP office is able to provide staff to hold voice or video conference from their desks or outside the office. Customers or clients are able to connect to the appropriate agent almost immediately. Certain desktop applications, automatic voice prompt system and mobile applications are integrated within the IP office line to increase the interaction speed and work process among call centre agents. Upgrading a business with the latest communication hardware and software are simple to integrate for companies to grow without difficulties.

Com 2 Communications is able to provide the latest Avaya IP office phone system for your communications needs. Visit their website for more information.

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Key Features of the iPhone 5

by john

The iPhone 5 recently hit the market, and with it some great new features that everyone was hoping it would bring. The first noticeable difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s is the screen size. Apple finally decided that it was time to increase the screen size as this was something that the majority of iPhone users were asking about. There are several other great features of the iPhone 5 as well. Here, we will explore them in more detail.


One of the new features is maps. This application is extremely detailed and offers graphics that are very clear. The map can be rotated and tilted to show exactly where you are. While there have been a few bugs with this feature, they seem to have been solved, which has made this a great new addition to the iPhone.


Apple made some wonderful changes to the camera on the iPhone 5. The camera is now 8MP and has HDR capabilities. This helps create pictures that have a much better colour and tone. Perhaps the best thing about the new camera is that it can take panoramic shots. An A6 chip works within the camera application to allow a person to move horizontally across a scene to create a seamless shot. Additionally, it is no longer necessary to download separate apps to rotate, crop, edit or enhance your iPhone photographs as all of this can be done directly from the application on the phone.


Apple took the time to make improvements to Siri as well. Siri has the capability of understanding quite a few more languages, which is obviously beneficial to those in other countries. In addition, Siri can create texts for the user as all the user has to do is speak and a text will be created. Whatever information that is needed can be provided simply by asking Siri to provide it. To make Siri more compatible, the iPhone 5 has several microphones built in that work together to provide sound that is clearer, which has also improved accuracy.

Other Features

The iPhone 5 has many other wonderful features that have been brought in. Apple did a great job of tweaking the minor things that people loved about the iPhone 4s to make them even better. For music lovers, it is now possible to listen to all of your favourite songs and artists in the iTunes library. Airplay allows a person to play music wherever they are in the world.

One of the other wonderful features of the iPhone 5 is that it allows people to send messages for free to any family members or friends who have any type of Apple device, such as the iPod touch, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. iMessage can be used in order to send locations, contacts, links, photos, and videos.

The iPhone 5 offers a frame that is lighter and more durable as well as a great new screen and wonderful camera. For those thinking of upgrading, the changes are impressive and well worth the cost of the upgrade.

For more information about the iPhone5, visit Com2 Communications online now.

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Windows 8 mobile devices on the horizon

by john

Windows 8 is bringing something new to the table for mobile device users. Here are some of the latest features of windows 8.

The new Start menu

Desktop users are familiar with the windows start menu which lists out all of the installed programs and folders. Windows 8 takes the menu to a bold new direction. The start menu now has tiles connected to not only the device’s apps, folder, playlist, or website, but also connecting to family or loved one’s tweets and updates. Each tile isn’t just a lifeless icon on the screen, they give you the latest updates including the latest tweets, weather forecast, messages and much more. The start menu can be customised to the user’s preferences.

Be able to share almost anything

Most often, you’ll see something really interesting on a website and want to share it with other people through social networking sites or their email. Usually we copy the link, open up another browser or app, then send it for others to see. Windows 8 allows you to simply bring up another menu within the site to send almost anything you want others to see.

Windows store

Following in on other digital distribution platforms, Microsoft introduces the Windows Store built into Windows 8. The Windows Store will have Windows 8 and Windows RT ready apps for any mobile device. Apps come in a wide variety of categories from business, games, news and so much more.

Ease of use with touch screens

Windows 8 is designed for the modern mobile devices with touch screen capabilities. It brings the best features from desktop PCs and brings it to smart phones and tablets. Users will be delighted with how fast and easy it is to multitask, go from one folder to another and open any app. Apps open in full-screen to accommodate touch control interfaces. Windows 8 has a “Snap Multitasking” feature which allows two apps to run side-by-side simultaneously to make it easy for anyone to switch between them.

Web navigation is easy with the use of gesture commands, including the ability to zoom within certain parts of a website or be able to open up the site navigation. Windows 8 keyboard showcases a revised conventional keyboard to make touch screen typing easier. It comes with the traditional “enhanced” keyboard and a thumb keyboard for those who are used to typing with their thumbs.

Com 2 Communications offers the latest mobile devices with built in Windows 8 for your personal lifestyle and business needs. Visit their website for more information.

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NBN means greater Value for Toowoomba Businesses

by john

The NBN is winding its way under a footpath near you!

assets/img/content/Telstra_AccreditedPartner_Pos_RGB_Blue.jpgWith the national rollout underway, and millions of metres of fibre working its way around Australia, some of the early rollouts are being switched on, and in Toowoomba's case, a rumoured "turn on" date has been discussed for January 2013.

What does this mean for business? the Toowoomba NBN rollout means value for money! Traditional carriage for high speed broadband has been expensive, and generally out of reach for the small business person, and if you are looking to expand the traditional foot print of you business from local to global, data speeds are an important issue.

Not only is it time to review your data connection, but the phone systems and other technology that have been hanging on a back wall for years need reviewing also, and now is the time to plan this change so when you roll the NBN into your business, you have the equipment that is compatible and cost effective to switch over with.

Com2 has specialists in all areas of business communications, and when it comes to NBN, there are only a limited number of specialists that Telstra has placed its trust in to deliver solutions to businesses and assist them in this migration process.

John Boshier, a corporate solutions manager at Com2, has this advise: "Get in early, plan your move to the NBN as it will be vital to have all the ducks lined up for when they switch your copper services off. Contact an expert, like Com2, and make sure your are working with them through the whole process. There is nothing like a good plan and perfect delivery to ensure your business is ready".

To contact Com2 Communications and organise some time with an NBN specialist, call 1800 266 628 or send an email to info@com2.com.au

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The Top 5 Business Phone Systems for your Business

by john

The configuration of your business phone system is one of the most significant contributors to the success and growth of your company. Industries are currently adjusting to the faster pace of merchandising, manufacturing and other business processes. In order to keep up with customer demand and client requests, your company needs a reliable system of communication to ensure consistent output from every department. Com2 Communications commits to providing you with a catalogue of quality phone systems from only the latest models supplied by the top manufacturers.

Avaya specialises in churning out efficient solutions while keeping the costs low for business owners. In addition to its commitment to quality, Avaya units apply the concept of flexibility in providing a selection of communication products. Avaya IP Office, as the name suggests, uses an Internet Protocol platform, where laptops, smartphones and even home phones can be included in the unified communication setup. Voicemail to Email also ensures that you don’t miss any important inquiries that could otherwise turn into profitable ventures.

Panasonic is focused on delivering excellence in providing solutions for business communications. Since its inception in 1918, the company has made it a point to integrate the usage of traditional phone solutions with the latest in telecommunications equipment. This approach allows businesses to reach as many clients as possible, without compromising the value of voice, sound and overall phone functionality. Panasonic has a wide range of telephone equipment, from digital phones with wireless mobility to systems that allow for up to 1000 extensions on a single setup.

Alcatel responds to client requests and demands, with much of the company philosophy focused on adjusting to existing trends and keeping systems available to updates. The end product of a phone system under Alcatel is scalable, allowing for integration of additional units and base components. The setup will make it possible to be at pace with the rate of growth the company undergoes. With this approach, you are assured that missed calls are avoided, leading to savings from the repair and travel budget.

The flagship products of EnGenius are the Long Range Handsets and Base stations often requested by businesses involved with fields or high rise construction and mining. The setup allows for uninterrupted communication for up to 6km in any direction. Each phone extension can have a distinct number, making it easy to establish contact with anyone anywhere on the location. The system is also ideal for work arrangements where movement is considered normal. If your staff needs to be able to freely roam and walk around to inspect sites or retrieve stock, the Long Range solution will work best.

For an in-depth analysis of which phone system can work best with your business, talk to one of the consultants at 1800 2666 28 today and let Com2 Communications contribute to your company’s success.

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The Top Mobile Devices for Businesses

by john

As a customer-focused business, you want to understand what consumers need and want in terms of convenience and access to your product. This is the reason why companies put a lot of effort into trying to keep abreast with the latest in technology and communications. Mobile phones are the primary tool of trade for providers and consumers alike and it’s essential for businesses to know which mobile brands are making waves in the market. This information will help you decide on which models should be on the top of the list to include in your companies asset inventory. In addition, knowing the technical specifications and advantages of each brand and model can help you determine which ones match your business methods.

Despite the rise in strong competition, Apple remains the leader in mobile preference among businesses. iPhone models are regularly released annually and continue display seamless functionality in all areas. The iPhone 5 is the latest release, while the iPad mini is being introduced as a viable alternative to bigger tablets.

Another popular phone brand is Blackberry. Blackberry was specifically designed to cater to business and you can count on the quality of functions that address corporate needs. With its own ability to maintain a network for integration with email, the Internet and social media, the brand is a favourite among managers and decision makers. If you need to setup your business to run on the Blackberry network, including its wide range of handset options, Com2 Communications can plot out an integration plan for your network.

HTC is also gaining ground in the world market through its vast selection of Android and Windows phones. Com2 Communications can handle the distribution of these units to your staff, regardless of the locations around Australia.

Other brands such as Nokia and Motorola are supplied by Com2 Communications as well. You may talk to consultants at 1800 2666 28 to see how mobile units from these top brands can be used to achieve your business goals.

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The Best Headsets for your business

by john

In order for business processes to function more smoothly, companies need to invest in communication tools of high quality and durability. If your trade is dependent on constant interaction with clients and conferences within office departments, then Com2 Communications can offer you top-of-the-line brands and designs for you to choose from.

Plantronics headsets come in five different models. The Savi 720 is energy efficient and automatically updates even when in a phone call. You can walk around with the CS540 while having a hands-free conversation within 100 meters of the base. The CS70N has noise-cancelling features and up to six hours of charge-less talk time, while the TriStar H81N is lightweight and a flexible receiver arm. Comfort will not be issue with the HW251N’s over-the-head ergonomic design.

Jabra lets you choose from six models. The PRO 9400 functions with a touch screen which can be integrated with mobile phones and PCs. The DECT™ 6.0 1.9 GHz technology utilised with GN9125 and 9120 models addresses issues with interference and sound distortion. For a more affordable option that does not compromise quality, try out the PRO 900 Series. The GN2100 and GN2000 Series adapt to the environment and adjust the output with the ultra noise-cancelling microphone. For services that require multiple stations and headsets, the BIZ™ 1900 Series is the reasonably priced choice.

Sennheiser presents three options from its wide range of world-class audio solutions. The DW Pro Series features hyper-quick charging to power an eight-hour workday. The user interface allows for more control in sharing with other users and desktops. BW 900 Plantronics headsets lets you switch from two interchangeable batteries, making unlimited talk time possible. The model’s goose-neck boom can be adjusted to result in a perfect fit.

Finally, the VMX Office demonstrates technology that contributes to a seamless experience with headset communication. ActiveGard™ frees you from the worry of clipping due to sudden surges in sound, while eSCO (extended Synchronous Connections) provides the ultimate solution for wireless communication by revolutionising Bluetooth audio links with higher quality interaction.

Com2 Communications provides you with the latest models and versions from the best manufacturers of quality headset solutions. Call 1800 2666 28 today and discuss the requirements of your business.

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Areas we service - Com2 will come to you!

by john

Com2 Communications has been providing Australian businesses with the latest in quality and reliable communication devices and systems for more than 12 years. Their commitment is to help connect companies, clients and departments no matter where they are in the country. In line with this focus to accessibility is the assurance of understanding the structure and technical specifications of the areas in order to maintain quality service for all business communications.

Brisbane blends the qualities of the ocean shores and the urban environment in creating a functioning city that relies on effective telephone solutions to drive the economy. Business communications can be made simpler through products offered by Com2 Communications such as IP telephone systems and client-focused processes for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

The tourism industry drives the economy of the Gold Coast, and you can expect that businesses receive regular inquiries even from abroad. Com2 Communications can set up your call centre and provide you with suggestions on how to maintain good customer service, leading to more loyal clients.

The majority of Canberra’s business environment is centred on public service. With this in mind, Com2 Communications is determined to ensure that the country’s government communications are never interrupted. This same commitment is applied to other sites as well. The partnership with Telstra is fully utilised in the area because of the presence of Telstra Tower.

The central business district of Sydney is home to the main offices of international brands and products. In keeping with the demands of requests from foreign and local counterparts, the pace is expected to be a notch higher than usual. Com2 Communications acknowledges the need to provide dependable communication systems to Gold Coast based companies. Affordable packages for mobile plans are made available for company staff and manpower.

Melbourne is a mecca of arts and sports, with a steady influx of tourists and visitors from all over Australia. With the Telstra Business Accredited team being available in the area, businesses gain access to services designed to improve billing methods and customised communication systems. Full Telstra IP Telephony Range (TIPT) for government organisations and enterprises is also offered.

Other areas such as Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Bathurst are also serviced by Com2 Communications. You may consult with their specialists at 1800 2666 28 to discuss the suitable options for your business.

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