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Cloud Call Centres on the move

Why are call centres moving to the cloud?

Cloud call centre platforms allow your business to remain engaged in what you do best, while the experts who design, deploy and maintain your cloud contact centre servers, infrastructure and data networks focus on keeping your business talking. With High Speed Data Links becoming more affordable and private data networks more common for SME and small business, cloud call centres are a natural addition to businesses of any size.

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You are already cloud ready!

Your existing core infrastructure is already built to handle a move to a cloud call centre solution. Your business does not need to invest in new servers or computers, the cloud contact centre platform can handle all your calls, Preview Dialling, Progressive Dialling and fully automated Predictive Dialling so your agents can focus on your customers!

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Get set up in the time it takes to have lunch!

Our virtualised solutions are housed on purpose built servers that are already in action, so we can have you up and running in as little as an hour. No longer does your business need to wait for weeks or months, you can get into calling your customer lists from tomorrow!


A true global cloud call centre

Our Cloud Contact Centre solutions take away the constraints of the traditional call centre environment and allow you to hire staff locally, interstate or even internationally to decrease over heads and costs associated with housing your staff in the traditional office. Monitor, train and manage your staff from your head office while they work from home or even from an international location…

Call Centre Agents Connected to a Globe

Run a 24 x 7 x 365 Cloud Call Centre

Running from the Cloud enables you to resource in a modern way. Com2 can assist you in designing your solution so that you can have staff globally managing your incoming and outgoing call centre inquiry 24 x 7 x 365. This allows your business to handle peak call loads and busy times of year with flexible resourcing and scalable flexibility so you only pay for agent licenses when you need them and decrease them when you don’t..

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Cloud Contact Centre Features













Which Dialer Should a Call Centre Use?

No need to choose a dialer, you will have them all! Our cloud call centre solutions include all 3 dialers and you can choose to put the differing campaigns you are running on different dialing patterns to best utilise and maximize the results from your data.



The call centre agent manually clicks on the “Call” button to start each contact. This enables the agent to “preview” the customer information before calling..
Preview Dialer


The agent does not need to click “Call”. The call automatically dials after the last call is finished, this increases productivity and the number of contacts called.
Progressive Dialer


Built to deliver only “Live Calls” to agents. In this mode the system detects no answers, answering machines and wrong numbers so the agents are kept busy!
Predictive Dialer

Software updates included

With the technical experts in contact centre servers constantly working in the background improving and expanding the range of features available, the software and platform you are working from will constantly be up to date. Say goodbye technical callouts or downtime.


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