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High Speed Internet Connections in Canberra


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Hello! We are Com2 Communications. We are a team of telecommunications system and connectivity specialists who are committed to delivering Canberra's highest speed internet options and technology solutions via Ethernet, Fibre or Wireless Microwave. We design solutions based on an organisation wide approach. Our specialties are High Speed Private Data, PABX harware, SIP & VoIP, Call Centre and Cloud based solutions!



In one word: Wholistically. Our consultative approach to organisations is to look at your business requirements and then work with multiple carriers in an agnostic way to identify benchmark solutions built from leading infrastructure and products. Com2 can deliver Canberra connections via Fibre, Midband Ethernet, Microwave, VDSL, NBN, ADSL, SIP & VoIP. We design, deploy and maintain you internet & telecommunications requirements.



Our experience within the telecommunications industry is well regarded. With end to end solutions design an everyday part of our process, our clients trust in our ability to analyse and deceminate the information gathered about your business to specify a data solution capable of delivering all of your business requirements to integrate with your LAN, WAN, PABX, Call Centre, Regulatory processes, CRMs, Staff and most critically your outcomes.



Com2 have been designing and delivering voice and internet solutions in Canberra for over 15 years. Com2 Communications was established in 2000 and is focused on working solely with business, enterprise and government agencies. Our specialised team understand the needs of business from micro through to enterprise organisations. Our experience allows us to design bespoke solutions that deliver value, scalability and flexibility. Our Internet solutions solve business problems no matter your location. Call our team to discuss just how we can get you connected on High Speed Internet, then utilise the latest technologies to integrate SIP, Cloud, CRM and more seamlessly into your environment.

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Enterprise & Government organisations rely on robust and high speed internet connections to service clients and internal needs. The fastest data speeds available in Canberra are via Fibre Internet. With speeds up to 10Gbps fibre truly connects your business with the highest speeds, 1:1 contention and no latency. Com2 can identify the best connection available at your address with our FREE Service Qualification and Feasibility Tests ensuring delivery of the perfect Fibre Link to your organisation!


EFM & EoC Ethernet

EFM(Ethernet First Mile) and EoC(Ethernet over Copper) are available to Canberra businesses as a cost effective way to get access to data speeds of up to 1Gbps Upload and Download speeds. With a wide variety of plans and services available, Com2 looks at the ethernet services available to your specific location and can give you free advice on the best type of Midband Ethernet connection to connect your business at the best speed. Connect to the cloud, multiple locations and more with a Private Ethernet Connection!


SIP & VoIP over DATA

Com2 Communications are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and SIP specialists. Our depth of experience in Phone System and SIP integration make us the go to team for your Canberra business. We design SIP solutions that work with all brands of PABX including Panasonic, Avaya, Alcatel and NEC. We also do hosted PABX solutions so your internet and pabx are looked after in one place. Let the team at Com2 come to you and take your organisation to the next level. Call 1300 887 495 now! 




Services Supplied to Canberra


Hosted Phone Systems

Moving your telecommunications to a hosted PABX can be simple. Com2 has a hosted phone system designed specifically for businesses from micro to major corporations. Hosted PABX solutions are the perfect service to bundle with your High speed internet connection. Talk to the team today!! 

Local Fibre Links

If you need internal fibre cabling to link critical parts of your business, or just to connect from your network  termination unit (NTU) to your data rack, Com2 have you covered. Our beadth of service include data cabling using Cat 6 Ethernet, Cat 5 & Fibre cores to get your business connected!

Technical Support

Looking to maintain an IP Phone system? Looking to move over to SIP because you are now on the NBN or a high speed interent link? Our extended network of technicians reach ACT wide. If you need phone system support in Canberra, Com2 are the team to call! Get in touch on 1300 887 495!!

Call Centres

Building a new call centre in Canberra? Need to know how to get connected and deliver the best customer experience and keep your overheads down? Looking to get started with a cloud call centre solution? Need advice on diallers and inbound call management tools? Com2 are Call Centre gurus!!



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