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What are ISDN2 Phone Lines?

ISDN2 phone lines are a digital telephony service delivered over copper infrastructure. Each service is constructed of 2 digital phone lines that are actually a basic data voice service. ISDN2 phone lines are feature rich and the team at Com2 Communications can help you decide which services are better for your business phone system. For ISDN10/20/30, click here!

With ISDN2, you can utilise the services in 3 different ways to accommodate the needs of your business

SETUP 1 - ISDN2 Basic

As a basic service, ISDN2 gives you 2 phone lines that automatically hunt to each other if one is busy. The construct consists of a Primary service (or your main number) and an Auxiliary service (a second phone number). Each of these service numbers can be set-up in your phone system to individual extensions or groups of handsets. This is a great way for a business who has a phone line and a fax line to combine the 2 into a more adaptable service, enabling you to still receive a fax, whilst using the fax line as your second line for incoming calls on the main number.

SETUP 2 - ISDN2 with a GDN

A “GDN” is a Group Directory Number, which in short is a phone number that sits over multiple ISDN services. This means you can have an overarching advertised number which would hunt into the whole group of lines (e.g. 2 x ISDN2 give you 4 lines etc.). You also retain the ability to utilise a singe service number within this structure for your fax for example. It also allows the business calls to go out under the GDN so that your main business number is advertised when call out.

SETUP 3 - ISDN2 with a DID Range or 100 Number Range

A “DID” is a Direct Indial Range. A set of ISDN2 service (1or more) can have a 100 number range or Direct Indial Range setup over the top of the service. This 100 number range is a physical set of numbers, e.g. 3099 8100 - 3099 8199. This number range can then be utilised to give individual desk phones or extensions such as a fax, a direct number for people to dial in to from the outside world. It can also be used to present individual extension numbers on out going calls which save calls going into reception, and allows the calls to be delivered directly to the person who the call is for, saving time and improving efficiency.

Another fantastic use for Indial services is for businesses that have multi-tenanted phone systems such as a serviced office. The team of Com2 specialists can assist you to design your telephony solution in a way that the phone system will tell the receptionist which business to answer a call under.


Q: Should I connect ISDN2’s or SIP/VoIP Services?
A: This is a question of technology and business size. Most of Australian businesses now have access to faster internet services. With faster internet and a service that is configured correctly, Com2 can now deploy SIP or VoIP services to give you access to the same features and benefits of the ISDN2 network without the large overhead costs. Where business “size matters”, is justifying the upgrade in costs or services that will support a high quality voice conversation. Essentially once you have a need of 4+ lines, you should really be considering SIP. A simple discussion with the team at Com2 communications ill answer the question, so give us a quick call on 1300 887 495.

Q: How long does it take to connect ISDN?
A: we would normally recommend allowing a lead time of 10 – 20 days to connect a new ISDN service.

Q: How much does it cost to connect ISDN services?
A: the cost of connecting an ISDN service varies, but is normally in the price range of $190 - $390 per service depending on the infrastructure that is required to be put in place but the relevant carriers.

Q: How do I order ISDN2?
A: Give the team at Com2 a call on 1300 887 495 and we can assist you in raining the orders for connections of ISDN and many other telecommunications services.

Q: What are the monthly fees for ISDN2?
A: Com2 have a range of ISDN2 packages from ISDN2 Basic through to ISDN2 Unlimited. Have a chat to our team and we can identify the best ISDN2 plans and services for you.

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