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Trusted and reliable phone systems that will be there day in and day out so that your Firm is always responsive to your clients! 

Call Reporting

Keep track of solicitors and paralegals time and activities with comprehensive call reporting. Information & knowledge is power!

Multi-Site Solutions

Does your legal firm have more than one office? Get the benifits of smarter designs to reduce costs and increase productivity!

High Speed Internet

We can get your Office connected to high speed interent so that you can take advantage of the latest technologies in the industry.

Hosted Desktop

Access your files from anywhere, work from any device. Your firm can reduce IT expenses and improve productivity today! 

CRM integrations

Capture every client interaction so you can track time or prove conversations. CRM integrations pay for themselves instantly!

Record Calls

Record calls for referencing, training or compliance. Store call agains client files in your CRM immediately. Protect your firm.

Unlimited Calls

Cap your costs with an unlimited call plan on the latest technology. Remain competitive and fix your firms telco costs.

Grasic Lawyers | Case Study


Issues & Needs

  • Grasic Lawyers were a start-up in need of a phone system with 4 Handsets - 4 x Desk Phones
  • They needed advice on new line connections and the best plans to give them a low cost of start-up and low overheads
  • Needed a solution to deal with after hours call management
  • Line connections and an internet service connection
  • Technology choices to assist with lower or capped call costs
  • We’re working to a budget and looking for good value

What We Delivered

  • Com2 Communications Delivered an Avaya IP Office with 4 Handsets
  • Worked with Telstra to install 3 x PSTN service (2 phone and 1 fax) 
  • Incorporated Mobile Sim Diallers to dramatically capp their call expenses with a $39 UNLIMITED sim plan
  • Connected a new Business ADSL service
  • Installed the system in a short time frame so they could open the busines and get moving ASAP
  • Delivered a system at an affordable price giving the client low cost of ownership and low overheads moving forward

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