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Business Fixed Line Connections

Com2 Comunications will liase with network carriers to establish new landline requirements and connections including:

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  • ISDN2 Basic On-Ramp Services
  • ISDN10
  • ISDN Direct Indial 100 Number Ranges
  • PSTN Services
  • Line Hunt
  • Call Diversions

We will advise you on the best connections and plansto give you the best value for money on connection costs, monthly rental fees and call pricing.

If you would like to look at the possibilities of VoIP, Click Here!

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Business Grade Data, MPLS Networks and Internet
Data connections are one of our SPECIALTIES! Our team have access to the largest networks in Australia. Our sevices include but are not limited to:
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  • Wireless 3G & 4G
  • ADSL & ADSL2+
  • Business Ethernet Services
  • FAB - Fibre Access Broadband
  • EoC - Ethernet Over Copper
  • EoF - Ethernet over Fibre 
  • NBN - National Broadband Network
  • EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile
  • Microwave
We can assist you with your requirements for a multisite networks and/or MPLS and assist you to move your business into the cloud. Talk to us to discuss your requirements and how WE can make it happen! 1300 87 495 

Business Mobile Phone & Data Connections
Things Happen Faster on 4G...
New 4G networks are all about SPEED! With typical download speed on the new 4G network varying between 2Mbps and 40Mbps, you can experience speeds that are at least twice as 3G. Why put up with anything other than the BEST and FASTEST!
Com2 specialises in managing business mobile fleets for companies of all sizes. Click here to read more on our mobile fleet management services
You can access those important work files instantly or stream entertainment such as YouTube with less buffering and immediate satisfaction.
For an example of carrier coverage in Australia, Click here to visit the Telstra Coverage Maps to see an example of what speeds are currently available in your area.

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