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Competitive Analysis
Com2 Communications have for the past 10 years provided competitive pricing and analysis for our customers to ensure that the best possible value and savings are delivered from the Telstra's product range. Our Competitive Analysis covers:
  • Mobile Analysis - Com2 can do a mobile service review and call analysis that allows your business to maintain the best of pricing and plan  structures to deliver  the latest technology and completitive pricing that Telstra has to offer.
  • Fixed Line Analysis - Com2 has access to all of the Telstra Fixed Line Pricing and Corporate Pricing agreements that allow us to analyse and advise of the best structure to put your business services on to obtain greater savings and value.
  • Internet & Data Analysis - through discussion and analysis of your current situation with our specialists, Com2 can help you decide on the best move with your Business Internet now and for future needs.
  • Phone System Analysis - Com2 can provide an analysis of your accounts and help you understand how you could get more from improvments or replacements of technology to deliver greater savings and worker efficiency from your phone systems with competitive pricing and packages customised to your business needs.
  • IT and Technology Analysis - If your business network needs attention, we can engage one of our specialists to visit your business to review, advise and implement strategies to improve communications and IT networks and keep your business on the competitive edge
Corporate Pricing

Are you getting the best you can out of your Telecommunications? We can assess your Telstra, Optus, Commander or any telco bill to establish where YOUR BUSINESS can save money! 
Talk to us about corporate pricing solutions for your fixed lines, mobiles and/or internet!  Whether your business is big or small we can customise a corporate package for you to get the best value out of your telecommunications.
Need a new phone system?  We can bundle a new system with specialised corporate pricing packages and finance options to enable you to get the solution you need today with $0 upfront.
With access to a broad suite of business and corporate pricing soluiotns. Com2 can ensure that your telecommunications bills go down, even if you stay with your current provider. With our Telco Broker package, we can offer a consultative aproach to your accounts where you only pay us what you save! 
Do you have a lot of mobiles? We can tailor a reccomended package for you using current in market pricing depending on your specific needs. Our network of solutions providers in this space means we can help your business save money today.
Stop paying too much for your services and contact us today!

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