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Apple iPad 2 - Revolutionary for Business

Com2 will help your business move into the Apple iPad revolution. The Apple iPad can deliver increased productivity and with the right Applications, you can do just about anything with an Apple iPad. Our service includes:

  • Access to Australia's largest and fastest mobile networks
  • Mobile Data plans and packages that are very competitive
  • Wireless Data Packages that give access to shared data use across an account
  • Subsidy and Mobile Repayment Options that allow you to get access to new technology with no upfront cost
  • Customised Mobile Device Procurement

At Com2 we understand that businesses today is increasingly meaning that you are out and face to face with your customers and partners. Com2 has specialists that can meet with you face to face to consult then recommend the best plan structures to optimise your fleets potential and ensure the greatest value for money is achieved.


Wireless data and Mobility Tablet Solutions mean that your team can demonstrate, order, inquire and get crucial information back to the business immediately. This is achieved using:

  • assets/img/content/tablets3.jpgAccess to Australia's largest and fastest 4G mobile networks
  • 4G Mobile Data plans and packages that are very competitive
  • Tablets on Plans from as little as $59 per month including 4G data
  • Access to Motorola, Samsung and Blackberry
  • Access to The Acer Iconia Tablet running Android 3.0 giving staff access to internet and email
    on the spot
  • assets/img/content/tablets2.jpgApple iPad 2 packages with data and 4G Network access, you get not only superb technology, but the super fast access on Australia's largest and fastest networks.
  • Customised Tablet device Procurement allowing for discounts on large Business Orders

The team at Com2 Communications are here to help you make smart decisions. Solution Driven and Customer Focused are the starting point for all packages we put together. Don't just find a sales person, find a specialist.

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