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Capture Every Call

High call volumes are a given and a must! Your phone system needs to capture every incoming call and deliver it to the right team member! 

Reduce Costs

Whilst you help people with their money, let Com2 give you advice on how to save money on your telecommunications Costs!

Legal Compliance

Recording calls, requests and voice contracts is an important part of doing business in the finanance insdustry. Com2 have solutions!

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We have helped some major playes in the finance space and your company should be next! Talk to one of our experts today!

AUSvance | Case Study


Issues & Needs

  • AUSvance were in a growth phase and were using a system that had reached capacity and started having issues
  • AUSvance were utilising SIP from a carrier over a data connection and needed porfessional advice on integrations
  • They have a call centre with 35 staff and managers so needed a solid reporting platform for staff management.
  • Call recording was a must so as to record calls for compliance on financial transactions and voice contracts
  • IP deployment so as to utilise their exiting data network and infrastructure to reduce costs
  • Cordless Headsets so that agents could walk around as they worked promoting mobility to staff
  • 35 handsets initially with growth planned.

What We Delivered

  • An Avaya IP Office with 35 Handsets, 4 x Avaya 1616 Handsets & 31 x Avaya 1608 handsets.
  • Dedicated SIP trunking and programming to get the maximum efficiency from the services
  • XIMA Cradle to Grave and call recording library with standard reports
  • Integrated the solution into their current data infrastructure and network
  • Jabra PRO 920 headsets for all tele staff
  • Full Call Reporting and agent desktop clients so that they could wrap up calls.
  • Delivered the solution on budget and on time.

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