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Conference Phones - Keep the Conversation Going
As humans, we rely on many forms of communication, but none other more than voice. Conversations are what keep decisions being made, feedback given, changes discussed and sales delivered. It is important for all of these conversations to flow in every organisation no matter the size.
If the Discussion is Crucial - Good Technology is Vital...
It does not matter if you are communicating with a customer, logistic teams, sales teams or upper management, everyone in the conversation should be able to focus simply on what is being said, not the technology delivering it. Here at Com2 Communications, we are passionate about delivering quality voice solutions so that companies can focus on having the bigger conversations.
Alcatel-Lucent-Conference-Phones.png Cisco-conference-phones.png NEC-conference-phones.png Aastra-conference-phones.png avaya-conference-phones.png Commander-conference-phones.png Panasonic-conference-phones.png samsung-conference-phones.png shoretel-conference-phones.png

Polycom Conference Phones

assets/Button-Polycom-CX100-USB-Microsoft-Lync.png assets/Button-Polycom-VoiceStation-300.png Polycom-Voicestation-500.png
Polycom CX100 USB Desktop
Conference Speaker Phone
Polycom VoiceStation 300
Small Office Conference Phone
Polycom VoiceStation 500
Small Office Conference Phone
assets/Button-Polycom-SoundStation-IP-5000.png assets/Button-Polycom-SoundStation2.png Polycom-SoundStation2-expandable.png
Polycom SoundStation IP5000
Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation2
Non-Expandable Conference Phone
SoundStation2 EX Expandable
Conference Phone - Medium Room
Polycom-SoundStation2-Extended-Microphones.png Polycom-SoundStation2W-Wireless-Conference-Phone.png Polycom-SoundStation2W-Expansion-Microphones.png
Polycom SoundStation2 EX 
Expansion Microphone Kit 
Polycom SoundStation2W
Basic Wireless Conference Phone
SoundStation2W Expansion
Microphone Kit
Polycom-SoundStation-IP-6000.png Polycom-CX-3000-IP-Microsoft-Conference-Phone.png Polycom-CX3000-Expansion-Microphones.png
Polycom SoundStation IP6000
IP High Def. Conference Phone
Polycom CX 3000 IP Microsoft
Lync Enabled Conference Phone
Polycom CX 3000 IP
Expansion Microphone Kit
Polycom-SoundStation-IP-7000.png Polycom-Soundstation-IP-7000-Extended-Microphones.png Polycom-IP-7000-Multi-interface-module.png
Polycom SoundStation IP7000
Large Room High Def. Conf. Ph.
Polycom SoundStation IP7000
Extension Microphone Set
Polycom IP7000 Multi Interface
Module - Link 3  Units Together
Polycom-SoundStation-VTX1000-Analog.png Polycom-VTX1000-Expansion-Microphone-Set.png Polycom CX5000.png
Polycom SoundStation VTX1000
Analog Conference Phone
Polycom VTX1000 with Mic &
Sub Woofer Expansion Kit
Polycom CX5000 Unified Conference
Station For Microsoft Lync
Polycom-CX5100-unified-conference-station.png Polycom-CX-5500-Unified-Conference.png
Polycom CX5100 Unified Conf.
Station with Video - Lync Enabled
Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference
Station - Voice | Video | Lync

Avaya Conference Phones

Avaya-B149-Conference-Phone.png Avaya B159-Conference-Phone.png Avaya-B169-Wireless-Conference-Phone.png
Avaya B149 Basic Conference
Phone | Analog | Expandable
Avaya B159 Conference Phone
WideBand | USB | Mobile | Skype
Avaya B169 Conference Phone
Wireless | Analog | USB | Mobile
Avaya-B179-Conference-Phone.png Avaya-B189-IP-Conference-Phone.png Avaya-B100-Expansion-Microphones.png
Avaya B179 Conference Phone
SIP | Expandable | POE | Wideband
Avaya B189 Conference Phone
H.323 | 25 Ppl. | VoIP / SIP Ready
B100 Series Expansion Microphones
Double the coverage area!

Revolabs Wireless Conference Phones

RevoLabs-FLX-Conference-Equipment.png RevoLabs-FLX-Conference-Phone.png  
RevoLabs FLX Wireless Conference
Phone Base Unit with 2 Moveable
RevoLabs-FLX-Directional-Microphones.png RevoLabs-FLX-Lapel-Wearable-Microphone.png RevoLabs-Omnidirectional-Microphone.png
RevoLabs FLX
Directional Microphones
RevoLabs FLX
Lapel Microphone
RevoLabs FLX
Omnidirectonal Microphones

Panasonic Conference Phones

Panasonic KX-NT700 
IP Conference  Phone

Alcatel-Lucent Conference Phones

No Matter How Big or Small - We Have it Covered!
Working in your existing environment, we scope and deliver solutions to fit any size space. This is so you can have conference calls that sound like the people you are talking to are in your office, and you in theirs. The technology used to connect the boardrooms, classrooms, theatres and anywhere in between should be of a standard you can trust in and rely on each and every time.
Spend Your Money Wisely - Invest in a Quality Conference Phone.
Com2 only work with the highest quality voice conferencing solutions and brands, whilst remaining focused on delivering great service and value for money in the process. If you are looking for a voice conferencing solution for your small office, your corporate head office or your executive boardroom, we have your audio conferencing solutions covered!
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