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Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital Phone
If you’re looking for the same functional interface and classy design as the Alcatel Lucent 4019 but need something with a little more to it, then the Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital phone is perfect for you.

In ease of use, there’s really no contest – the Alcatel Lucent 4029 Digital Handset takes what the 4019 did well (with its separate, distinct shortcut keys and easy access to its help system and your directory and mailbox) and improves upon it, replacing the twenty-character screen with a clear, crisp, adjustable 64x128-pixel display, complete with six contextual keys, alphabetic keyboard, and a full four-directional navigator with accompanying easy-to-find confirm and end keys. It also comes with a specially-designed handset, created with maximum user comfort in mind. It truly complements the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX to no end! 

The Alcatel-Lucent Digital 4029 Handset | Alcatel Business Phone Systems Gold Coast
What’s more, however, is the greater access to optional features the Alcatel 4029 gives you – you can install up to three separate 10 or 40-button modules, as well as up to three smart display modules, to give your phone the power and utility of a switchboard.  Not only that, but you can also use one of Alcatel-Lucent’s special interface modules to connect your 4029 to a fax machine, SO device, printer, or PC. As a bonus, you can also use your teleconferencing system, headset, or even an additional speaker with your Alcatel Lucent 4029 via its headphone plug.

The smooth, modern design of the Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital Phone combined with its easy-to-understand interface makes it an excellent handset for any business phone system. It isn’t the best Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES has to offer, though – if you’re looking for something just a little bit more, consider the Alcatel-Lucent 4039 instead.

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