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The Genius of EnGenius.....

The Engenius Range of Long Distance Cordless Phones are the market leaders in Phones that go the distance. They are an industrial range of phones that give to 10KM of range by line of site and will go up to 12 floors in high-rise buildings.

It is the perfect solution for large warehouses, Farms, open-cut mining, car dealerships, Factories, motels, resorts construction sites, Large office buildings and complexes, nurseries, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres and many other large site businesses.

When attached to your business phones system, reception can direct calls straight to users, and with caller id, users can choose to take the call or send it to voicemail. Other features such as group paging and broadcast are perfect for a group call out in case of emergency or other notification.

With the various range of Engenius solutions, Com2 can organise the right solution for the right price for your business phone solution.

Note: In purchasing an Engenius handset, you must ensure it has been distributed by Aristel. The reason for this is that they have been specifically designed to not interfere with other technologies such as wifi, mobile networks and other wireless devices. Don't go hunting for cheaper products that will be a detriment to your other communications tools! You can trust Com2 to deliver the right equipment for all of your communications needs







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