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The Avaya B159 Office Conference Phone


Today’s world pushes ever-changing, ever-evolving needs onto businesses. Of course, that’s exactly why Avaya is here – to provide fast-paced solutions to fast-paced communications problems. Whether you own a large company or a small, private business, the Avaya B159 Conference Phone makes for a great solution to your telecommunications problems and an amazing addition to you Avaya IP Office phone system.

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Part of what makes the Avaya B159 conference unit an ideal phone for any business is its flexibility – its unique Line Mode selector makes it compatible with a wide variety of other devices, allowing you to combine analog, VoIP, and mobile connections. Between that and its easy-to-use Conference Guide, the B159 makes all of your telecommunications needs not only possible, but simple. It’s also compatible with hands-free headsets and PA interface boxes, giving your phone maximum utility even outside meetings.

"Crisp, Clear Sound..."

The strength of the Avaya B159 doesn’t lie only in its flexibility and ease of use, however – its Omnisound audio technology offers crisp, clear sound, and with its powerful, surround sound speakers and full duplex technology, you can be certain you’ll never miss a thing. That holds true for the people you call, too – its omnidirectional microphone (with a pickup range of 320 feet before optional attachments) and noise suppression filters will pick up every voice in a room while cutting out the unnecessary static in the background. As a bonus, the B159 supports 2GB SD-cards, to record your meetings and conference calls for future reference or archival.

The Avaya B159 Conference Phone is an excellent choice for a cost-effective, feature-rich phone. If, however, you’re looking for a conference phone that can do even more for you, you should consider the Avaya B179. Conversely, if the Avaya B159 is too harsh on your budget, the Avaya B149 offers some of the same features and the same Avaya quality for a lower price.

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