Manage Multiple Social Media Streams

Managing the multiple media that clients use to contact you can become rather draining. Telephone, fax, email, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on, and you may feel that you and your staff need to be in multiple places, checking multiple media, all at once. Why not bring them all together into the one solution so that they can be handled in a time-logical basis?

Respond FASTER To Customers

Your call centre queue need not only handle your call traffic. What if it could handle calls, faxes, emails and social media all at once, allowing you to respond to a customer complaint via email or even on your Facebook page as quickly as you would a call?

Communicate With Customers…. Their Way!

A Multimedia and Social Media Contact Centre brings all these mediums into the one central queue, so your staff can handle a call, then an email, then a response to a Facebook comment, then a fax, and then a tweet, in the order that they are made. A Multimedia and Social Media contact centre will increase your sales and customer service and save you on staffing costs as each of your staff will be able to manage it all. More importantly impress your clients with the speed of response to their enquiry!

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