Phone Line & Trunk Connections


PSTN connections are the traditional analogue connections between a customer premises and the local exchange. These are used for Phones, Fax, ADSL service, alarms and Eftpos.


ISDN come in sets of trunks. These come in 2, 10, 20 or 30 trunks and are used in corporate telecommunications quite regularly. We recommend SIP as a viable replacement to ISDN


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a high performing connection (SIP Trunk) that is utilised to send video, data and most commonly voice over the internet. It is best in private data environments!


Voice over Internet Protocol is a term used to describe the transit of voice in data “packets” and delivering it to the final destination by the internet. It is only used for Voice communications.

Inbound & Priority Numbers

1300 Number

1300 numbers give business and Australia wide contact number.Customers can call you for a fixed price from any phone and calls are diverted your destination of choice.

1800 Number

1800 numbers are a 10 digit number with a 1800 prefix for your customers contact your business. They are a toll free or a free call to your customers and are FEATURE packed!

13 Numbers

13 Numbers are a 6 digit premium inbound number. They are more expensive as there are not as many of them. They are loaded with just as many features and easier to remember!

Phone Words

PHONE WORDS are premium numbers that spell words. They are still 1300 or 1800 numbers but have a word at the end that relates to numbers on you dial pad e.g. 1300 APPLES.

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