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Harness the power of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, and you can be confident that you have the robust and ideal fibre network supporting your business ambitions and propelling your team’s growing capabilities to reach new horizons.

The best thing about it? Com2 Communications is here to help streamline the setup & activation.

The Undeniable Benefits of nbn Enterprise Ethernet

Think of nbn Enterprise Ethernet as more than just a high-speed internet connection. It is a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to enhance your business productivity and innovation. Here are some of its key benefits:

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99.95% Network Availability

With a target of 99.95% network availability, nbn Enterprise Ethernet is a premium, business-grade fibre network that offers minimal downtime. It delivers optimised internet performance and ensures your business remains online, operational and productive virtually all the time.

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Lower Latency

Does your business use time-sensitive applications that require consistent bandwidth? Do you have solutions that run on the cloud? nbn Enterprise Ethernet services offer lower latency than traditional internet services, delivering a smooth and responsive experience for business-critical applications. Overall productivity & user satisfaction will likely increase, too.

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With symmetrical speed tiers from as little as 10/10Mbps to nearly 10Gbps, nbn Enterprise Ethernet allows you to scale your network solution to adapt to your growing business demands. No matter where your business is in its growth phase, you & your team will always have the bandwidth you need.

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Data Prioritisation

In times of network congestion, not all data is treated equally. nbn Enterprise Ethernet offers data prioritisation to guarantee that your business-critical applications, such as VoIP and video conference calls, receive priority over other types of data. This feature helps maintain consistent internet performance and reliability, even during peak usage times.

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24/7 Local Support

nbn support is top-notch. Dedicated experts are available around the clock to provide support and manage all fibre connections, giving each business owner in the network peace of mind.

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Choose nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet with Com2 Communications and take your business connectivity to the next level. With our assistance in setting up and activating your nbn Enterprise Ethernet, you can experience the difference of a high-performance, reliable, and scalable network.Ready to take charge and elevate your business to the next level? Get a 1300 number through Com2 Communications now and witness the difference it makes!

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The Reliability of a Fibre Access Network

Reliable connectivity is at the core of nbn Enterprise Ethernet. 

Built upon a high-performance fibre optic network, this service is designed to meet business-critical applications.

Here’s why this fibre network stands out:

High Network Reliability

There is a dedicated fibre network from the business premises to nbn’s Fibre Access Node. With fewer points of connection and aggregation, there are fewer potential points of failure, resulting in a more reliable network. The service constantly aims for 99.95% network availability.

Resistant to Interference

Fibre optic technology doesn’t conduct electrical currents, so it is resistant to interference from radio signals, lightning, and other environmental factors. The result? Business-grade internet connection your team can rely on when you need it most.

Geographic Coverage

An estimated 1.5 million Australian business locations can now access this high-speed, high-reliability network, ensuring consistent connectivity across the country. Plus, it’s vital to note that speed over a business-grade fibre access network isn’t affected by distance. You can count on reliable connectivity wherever you are in Australia.

nbn Enterprise Ethernet Delivers Unparalleled Internet Speed

There’s no question that internet speed is crucial for modern businesses today and in the future. We’re proud to share that nbn Enterprise Ethernet services deliver:

Consistent High Speeds

Unlike traditional networks, the speed over a business-grade fibre access network does not falter with distance, providing consistent upload and download speeds to all premises within reach. The lightning-fast internet speed options can also be tailored to businesses of all sizes. That provides unparalleled adaptability and exceptional internet performance.

Reduced Data Congestions

In a shared broadband network, there will be times when the demand for data exceeds network capacity. With nbn Enterprise Ethernet’s priority data, you can ensure your business applications receive priority over standard data. There will be less network congestion for business-critical applications like voice calling and video conferencing. They can remain online and operational whenever needed. Apart from voice and video apps, here are more business applications that can benefit from priority data:

Point of sale (POS) systems used by supermarkets and retailersCRM apps utilised by front-of-house contact centre agentsData-intensive cloud-based applications used in architecture firmsLarge file transfers of videographers, photographers & design agenciesExtensive business data for sensors and robotic machines 

Speed Tiers to Future-Proof Your Business

Fibre networks can meet your business’s digital needs today and future demands, ensuring it remains competitive and efficient. 

Specifically, nbn Enterprise Ethernet provides speed tiers that offer the assurance that the bandwidth can be tailored to meet both your company’s current & future needs. This empowers your business to move forward with the confidence that your network solution can adapt to your expanding business and growing data usage.

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Superior Business-Grade Network Service

At Com2 Communications, we understand that your business deserves the best. That’s why we offer nbn Enterprise Ethernet, a premium network solution designed to provide superior service. We can help you tailor your ethernet network to fit your specific business needs, with options to prioritise data and reduce data congestion.

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Every minute that your business is offline can impact your bottom line. Count on our local support team to be always available to assist and ensure your network runs smoothly and efficiently. If there’s an issue, we’re here to raise a ticket with the nbn’s service centre on your behalf and aim to resolve the issue promptly. 

Need a custom setup? We can initiate an on-request fibre build to connect your premises and help you get the best possible internet service. Don’t fret if your business is located outside the CBDs because we service regional areas. No matter where you are, we have technical staff who can come to you and get it done. Reach out to us for complete details, including nbn Enterprise Ethernet pricing, support & setup processes.

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Choose nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet with Com2 Communications and take your business connectivity to the next level. With our assistance in setting up and activating your nbn Enterprise Ethernet, you can experience the difference of a high-performance, reliable, and scalable network. Leverage our expertise to keep your business ahead of the curve; give our team a call today to get started.

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