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Cloud phone Yealink Hosted Phone System

Our CloudPhone Hosted PABX is Quick to setup, simple to use, reliable, fully maintained and built for the small to medium business budget so you can scale. BYO SIP phones or our team can do you an amazing package. Work from anywhere on any device! Call today!


The Microsoft Teams Phone System is built within the microsoft ecosystem. With a comprehensive set of Teams Phone System Features – you can rebuild your business into you Teams app. We have a full Range of Teams Handsets and Headsets for you to choose from. Talk to the specialists!


Avaya is known in the industry as being a progressive and innovative technology partner for businesses. With a focus on modern collaboration and multi device adaptability, the Avaya Cloud telephony solution is perfect for any business with tailored needs. Talk to a specialist today.


Grandstream on-premises UCM Phone System solution is a powerful yet easy to manage unified communications platform.  No licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per features. A Phone System built for small and medium business through to school campus and multisite deployments..


We are Specialists in

Phone System Solutions

We provide customer first, outcomes focused advice to your business. We start from a position of what is the best outcome for your business. At Com2, if we cannot improve your situation, we’ll tell you because it really is about you!

Our Design process starts with understanding your business and how you and your customers interact with your phone system.

We then look at the user experience. What are your biggest needs from a new solution? What does that look like with modern technology and functionality built in? How will it positively impact your team and your customers?

From there it is Devices. Are your users sitting at a desk or in the field? Do the work from home or are they always in the office? Do they even need a desk phone?

With this information – we then look to our vendors, wholesale carriers and distributors and design a world class business phone system that is built for your current and future needs.

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how we work

Our experienced team of business telecom experts are ready to assist you with any phone system needs. 

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Why choose Com2 for your new Phone System?

We are the Experts

Hello! We are Com2 Communications. Our team are experts in business phone system solutions. We only hire team members with over a decade of experience who are professionals in their field. We can analyse your telephony infrastructure and design phone system solutions that work. Talk to us today!

Leading Brands

Why? In one word: trust. By working with only leading phone system brands, we can assure your business of the greatest uptime and after sales support for the hardware and software you invest in. Phone systems are not about cheap. They are the heart of your business where quality is the measure we work to!

Rapid Development

Your business phone system solution is only weeks away! In an emergency it can be days or even hours. We work to a schedule that fits your business plan and our team of expert engineers is in the ready to help! We plan & project manage your telephone deployment to the finest detail so you can focus on working!


Panasonic NS700 Phone System

Panasonic is a brand built on long term performance and simple to use handsets. Our customers choose Panasonic phone systems when simplicity is essential.


Avaya IP Office 500 V2

95% of the fortune 500 are Avaya users. 95% of Com2 clients are Avaya users. Built tough, built flexible and definitely built for businesses of all sizes!

Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX RCE

Alcatel have been well known in government departments, hospitals and medical centres around Australia, built and delivered on trusted performance!


NEC SV1100 Smart Office PABX

NEC Univerge range of handsets combined with their flagship SL1100 & SV9000 have got smart communications solutions to suit businesses of any size!


The big question! How do I choose the right phone system? The simple answer… Talk to the experts! 

Choosing a phone system from the many brands should start with “Which phone system brand will last the longest and be the cheapest to own over 10 years?”. We carry the worlds leading phone systems because they have the most money invested in their development and production to ensure they are durable and reliable systems packed full of features and functionality that only gets better as these companies keep up with the changes in the technology environment.

Small businesses just starting out should consider the long term needs of their business. We have solutions that incorporate high end Avaya, Panasonic, Alcatel and NEC phone systems fully installed under $3000, so the difference in price between a low quality phone system and a high quality phone system solution is not that far in cost but are poles apart in performance.

The leading brand phone systems are also more adaptable. They are PABX solutions that will be able to be programmed to change with your business. This means from day one you have a phone system that suits you, in year 3 you want to grow, a good quality system will grow with you and so on. 

Which phone system would be best for a small call centre? Which brand works best with VoIP? Do I need to upgrade my phone system for the NBN? These are all questions Com2 can answer and look forward to helping you with! Call us today.

If you are confused or overwhelmed by all the choices and options, get in touch with our team of experts today!

FAQs About Our Phone Systems

Within our range of phone systems, there are some phone systems better than others. This is because there are different clients with different needs and we have phone systems that are better for some businesses than others. This is where expert advice and a consultative approach to business telecommunications helps. Talk to our team of phone system gurus. We will make it easy!

There is not a simple answer, but essentially you should be able to keep your current phone system if it has the ability to change to the new technology. If your phone system is less that 5 years old you should be ok. You will need a technician to visit to change a few things, and you may need to buy a small amount of parts to adapt, but in general you should be able to keep your current phone system. Give us a call if you are unsure! 


The NBN presents some new opportunities to change the way you work and utilise your phone system and it s in this area you may look at upgrading. New technology means you can look at SIP and VoIP phone systems to save money on line rentals and to be able to take advantage of other features not available on older technology. This is where our team of phone system experts will make that choice a simple one!

hosted phone system or hosted PABX can mean a couple of different things! Traditionally you would put the phone system in your office (and many customers still do), but  many customers are now looking at hosting their phone system in a data centre or in the cloud. There is a lot of techno talk we could put here but lets focus on the reasons “why you would host a phone system”.

  • Multi-site businesses – why pay for a phone system for each site? You can have 1 hosted system and use it to provide all the telecommunications to all sites.
  • Disaster recovery – if your business site is in a flood zone or if you business would be critically damaged if your office went out of action for even a single day due to unforseen circumstances, you should plan for disaster recovery. Most businesses can’t survive without the phone calls coming in and this is where a hosted system can make a big difference. You can rout essential calls to team members mobiles, move your office in a flash to another location that has internet and you are back in business!
  • You are moving you business to the cloud – we can virtualise a phone system into a V-Motion or VM-Ware cloud environment that is essentially bulletproof! Talk to our team about your cloud migration as we can give you solutions to move, connect and access your systems, information and telecommunications from anywhere!
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