Business Phone System Relocations

We Relocate Phone Systems!

Moving your phone system is SIMPLE when you deal with the experts at Com2 Communications!

We Make Your Move SUPER Easy!

It’s as easy as getting in touch, we ask some questions and then we can do the rest!

We Organise It ALL To Save You Time!

We can organise the relocation of phone lines, data and telephone systems! We do it all for you!

We Can Move You Anywhere!

No matter where you are, be it Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Canberra, we can help!

Make Your Business Relocation Stress Free

Relocating your business can be a stressful time. Being out of touch, unavailable or just not being able to communicate with your clients whilst relocating could leave you and your staff frustrated. This is a valuable time for you and your customers as it is an opportunity to advise of the move and allow your business to retain stability in its ability to maintain momentum. Asking one of your staff to manage this through the standard avenues of telco call centres is a heavy burden to place on them.

Eliminate Relocation Downtime And Stress Whilst Moving Your Business

What you want to achieve whilst moving is a seamless transition from one business premises to the other. No stress, no downtime! Firstly you need to plan your move, and give enough notice, the more time you give, the more likely you can be choosy on the date of move. Secondly, you need to deal with 1 person, someone who can understand the story from end to end and make sure your business move is on time, and the people required to keep you communications up and running are on site when they are needed.

Com2 Communications Are The Experts When It Comes To Business Relocations And Moves

Com2 bring their combined years of experience in dealing with Carriers and installers of phone systems and data networks to the table to offer you the one stop service you are looking for in relocating you business communications.

We can also make recommendations on your new business locations current communications infrastructure and telecommunications requirements giving you the ability to make cost effective and efficient decisions about what is required to get the new site ready for the move.

Is This The Perfect Time To Upgrade That Old Phone System?

Looking to upgrade at this time can be both a strategic and cost effective. It allows your business relocation to effectively happen before you move in as well as means you only pay for an installation once in your new property.

If your system has been with you for 5+ years or isn’t expanding with you as you grow or change the way you do business, then this presents an opportunity to discuss the possibility of upgrading your system and customising it to your requirements. Talk to Com2 today.

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