Calls to a 1300 Number are the cost of a local call Australia Wide to you customers

A 1300 numbers is a Inbound Number that consists of the “1300” part followed by 6 more numbers. Callers can contact you for a fixed local call rate (between 25c and 40c depending on their telecommunications supplier) from any fixed or mobile line in Australia. It acts as a primary advertised number for your business and the costs for the minutes the customer is on call are paid by your business on a per second/minute basis.

1300 numbers can be “landed” on any physical voice connection, including mobile, landlines such as PSTN and ISDN2 or ISDN10/20/30, international phone numbers, SIP trunks and so on. If you are unsure what sort of service you have, call Com2 today and we can assist you to work it all out!


Advertise, then manage your incoming 1300 calls with our Inbound Manager.

1300 Numbers are advertised in the business marketplace. They are your branded number or single point of advertised presence. They exist in a Hosted Inbound Cloud as a virtual service. Your 1300 Number is then pointed at either a single “landing number” (your primary office number) or can be pointed to a choice of number manager and call routing options.

Com2’s Inbound Management Platform allows you to used features like IVR’s, Post Code detection, Post Code Entry, State Based routing and more to deliver calls to multiple destinations based on the rules we help you configure. 1300 Numbers are INBOUND only. So they can’t be used to make an outgoing call.


What Call Routing and Call Distribution Options can I get?

Com2 have a huge number of call distribution methods available to your business that come as STANDARD! Don’t pay the big telco fees for what is really a simple option! Com2’s Inbound Call Distribution solutions include:

IVR’s – Area Based Call Routing – Date, Day and Time Controlled Routing – Line hunt Groups – DR (Disaster Recovery) Routing – Out of Hours Routing – VIP CALLER ID Routing – Ratio Based Call Routing – Multi-Destination Routing and more!

As you can see! Com2 have a large number of Call Routing Features to help get the most out of your solution.



SMARTNUMBERS or PHONEWORDS are 1300 numbers that are followed by an easy to remember set of digits that spell a word or a set of numbers that are easy to remember. Think 132132 or 1300130013 or 1300 SERVICE or even 1300 PHONEME.

All of these number are EASY TO REMEMBER from a marketing sense. Because of this they have become an asset to businesses and come at a premium.

There are SMARTNUMBER Auctions run by the government via a website called www.thenumberingsystem.com.au and we can help you find, secure and setup a smart number of your choice. IF you have purchased a 1300 number, we can connect it for you! Com2 are SMARTNUMBER & PHONEWORD specialists.


Call us on 1300 887 495 or CLICK HERE for a 1300 number connect inquiry. Our team are not only helpful and friendly, they are industry experts with over a decade of experience. We design the 1300 Inbound Number solution your business needs. We are different from the big telco’s becuase we care about delivering a great experience and even better solutions!

YES! If you have a connected 1300 number or you have bought a SMARTNUMBER and need to host your 1300 number somewhere – you have come to the right place! Com2 can port and connect your 1300 number in our Inbound Number Manager Platform and have you in business in under 24 hours. Our team of Inbound Number Specialists are more than happy to assist you in getting connected today! Call 1300 887 495

At Com2 – it I all about giving you the MAXIMUM benefit from your 1300 numbers because we include (but not limited to)
• Call Queuing
• IVR (setup costs involved)
• Hunt Groups
• Holiday and After Hours Routing
• Voicemail to email

The simple answer: YES! With a 1300 or any INBOUND Number, you get all the tools and features you would only normally find in a large enterprise PABX. As a virtual service, you have call routing options, reporting, missed call alerts, programmed features for time of day, disaster recovery and more! CLICK HERE FOR OUR FEATURES LIST! Com2 design a bespoke solution for your business to maximise the features of these Inbound Number Features.

The other benefit of a 1300 number is that when you move you just point it to the new office and away you go, no disruption while you move (point it to a mobile!) and no restrictions on exchanges (you can move interstate and still get calls from your old customer base). Transportability is a huge benefit, to even the smallest business. Also, unlike a local number, you are able to attract a broader business footprint by having that “big business” feel. Take on the nation! Grow your brand with a 1300 Number today!

  • To your Business – your costs each month will be made up by your service rental and the cost of the minutes your inbound callers are on the phone with you. Our call rates are charged per second (some carriers charge in 30 second or 1 minute blocks).
  • To your Customers – Your customer pay a simple local call cost – usually between 25c through to 40c. Some providers (like Com2) have plans where the costs can be part of an unlimited call plan.

The cost of a 1300 number is Setup cost (some numbers are charged a premium to secure) which is normally $35 for a basic number, and then plan fee and call costs.

You sure can, because 1300 numbers are not connected to your street address so location does not matter. But remember, you can take your number where ever you go, anywhere in Australia, and even the world.

Simple Answer – No! Here is a scenario – you could have 10 people all with a home phone available at different times of day and we can manage the calls to go to them at different times or all at once from the Inbound Number Platform. It is super easy!

Here at Com2, we believe that our role is to help our customer better understand the services available, then design the solution and help put it in place. Best of all, as part of this process, we also then customise your 1300 Number delivery to suit your needs! We are EXPERTS in 1300 Numbers, just talk to us and you will understand! Call 1300 887 495 and our team will help you setup a 1300 number today!

For customers who would like maximum flexibility, we can provide a number manager APP. With his app you can manage your Inbound 1300 Number with the push of a button and simple manager controls. Take control with a Com2 Inbound 1300 Number today!

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