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Credit card and consumer fraud is on the rise. Chargebacks are hard to avoid if you do not have PCI DSS for you call recordings to provide evidence of client acceptance of charges and supply of details. Com2 Communications have solutions that utilise industry award winning software that can assist you and your team to always remain compliant. Talk to us today!


Call recordings are a great way to show an agent how they could improve on their call handling, or to understand better why your sales super star is doing so well! With call recording you can monitor and manage staff better at the click of a button. Com2 have many solutions for all phone system brands. Get empowered with call recording today!


There is no need to upgrade your phone system to obtain call recording for your business. Our technology solutions can record calls for all major phone system brands such as Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Panasonic, LG, Ericsson, LG IPECs, Asterisk and more and we can also do trunk side recording for older phone systems. Let Com2 design your solution today!

Phone System – Call Recording Solutions

XIMA VRTX SOLUTION – Just one of our Call recording solutions!

Are you concerned with quality control and effective agent training in your call centre environment?  Do you want to effectively handle customer disputes?  If so, have you considered an effective call recording solution?

Whether you are a large call centre or a small business on a small phone system, call recording is an affordable way to increase your quality control and resolve customer disputes. 

Our call recording solutions:

  • Are flexible and easy to implement
  • Meet legislation requirements and are tamper proof and encrypted for compliance and security
  • Will improve your staff capability as they are a great performance review tool
  • Accurately record the facts, improving your service delivery and simplify your customer dispute resolution
  • Are easy to access via customised data bases or can be integrated for access into your own CRM interface

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