Many customers choose wireless ethernet as a way of linking their various sites y Layer 2 VPN or Layer 2 Tails. A Tail is simply a link from one site to another that does not go out onto the public internet. In other words a private network with unlimited data. Due to the speed of deployment you can put a link up for a couple of days through to a few years. As we said.. Flexible.


Microwave is faster than all terrestrial methods of transmitting data! This is due to the ability to transfer data at the speed of light, nothing to slow it down and nothing to stop the direct path of data. Latency is the gap of time between when you request something and it returns, like when you click on Data in our menu bar and the page starts to respond. Microwave is QUICK!


Microwave Link speeds start at 2Mbps and go through to hyper speeds 1GBps. The breath of this service speeds means that there is a solution for every business of any size. Symmetrical services are the same speed in Download and Upload which is where data speeds are felt! If you are working on cloud applications such as google documents or sales force, symmetrical speed is VIP!

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The stability of microwave links is only susceptible to power failure (like all data services!). Outside of power failure, Microwave has almost no points of failure unlike traditional networks and therefore has standard uptime service level agreements (SLA) of 99.95%. As it is all managed by one provider, there are no interconnecting points, so only one call for any issues… Brilliant!


Microwave links can be connected within days! The speed of deployment means this service is brilliant for connectivity that is needed for a project that is happening now, no more 6 week network builds! Being an independent network, there are no delays created by carriers in your microwave deployment. If you need a temporary link or you have just run out of options, give us a call!


If your business is a critical service or would sustain significant financial losses being off line for even an hour, then building redundant network links into your Disaster Recovery design is a must. Com2 can help with your redundancy options and Microwave is always an option we explore with our customers. If you are looking for a consultant for your DR plans, call Com2!

Wireless Ethernet & Microwave Link FAQ

To find out if you can obtain a new Microwave link, either call Com2 Communications on 1300 887 495 or fill in our Request a Data Quote form and we will get back to you on all things wireless ethernet. In general we can get links in all capital cities and select major regional centres.

The service level targets are 99.95%. As there are few points of failure this target is regularly exceeded and is measured quarterly and reviewed constantly by the 24/7 tech support team behind this amazing technology!

Simply – Yes! You can get regular Wireless Ethernet service with speeds between 1Mbps and 30Mbps. They are also symmetrical data services which means on a regular 10Mbps service you have 10Mbps download speeds but more importantly, you have 10Mbps upload speed also! ADSL does not even compare. ADSL has a maximum theoretical upload of only 1Mbps… No comparison at all!


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