“What you see…”

See your business performance in a glance – make decisions in seconds.

Wall boards are critical to a high performance call centre.

View Live Call Centre Stats & Performance

Wallboards give Call Centre managers and supervisors real-time statistical information about what is happening in inbound call queues, outbound campaigns, specific business units and or individual agents meaning decisions on what course to steer the call centre in can be made instantly. You could have one wall board for the company or multiple wall boards build for each team, manager or business group.

Driving efficiency and keeping team motivated to hit daily goals is made simpler with visual representations of performance translating the days events in real time. Customisation is simple, and the information can be streamed to multiple networked devices such as monitors, LCD & Plasma displays.

Monitor Results From Any Device, ANYWHERE!

Your mobile, tablet, smart TV, Desktop and Laptop can all access the live statistics from your call centre platform software. The display, whilst normally runs from an additional display port from a local PC, can also be hosted to an IP address and browsed via the internet (user name and password required) or from any internet connected device!


Unlimited wallboards
Full customisation with 1000’s of variables
Display information for one or many sites
Display site, agent or queue status
Embed websites into the wall board
Stream video to the wall board via a widget
Rotate through multiple wall boards
Display only the information you want to show

Simple To Build And Budget Friendly!

Our wallboards come standard with most of our call centre solutions. The wall board application can be installed on any local networked PC and then pushed out to a display running on a TV or Flat screen display.

You can choose from a number of prebuilt templates and then customise them to suit your call centre needs.…

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