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Internet Services
WiFi Networks


Fibre Networks are used to create a direct link between 2 or more sites so that there is not need to traverse the internet to get from one office to another, or to a data centre to access business critical information. Com2 works with you to design your fibre network and negotiate the best prices and terms for your service.


Ethernet services are symmetrical internet services that range in speed from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps and are used as a cost effective way to link sites to the internet, direct to data centres and turn multiple sites into one network. The two primary ethernet technologies are EFM – Ethernet First Mile and EOC – Ethernet over Copper.


High Speed Microwave Wireless Links are for businesses that require high speed data, but cannot access it via the traditional terrestrial methods. It can also be a lower cost entry point into the market for others who need the speed, but don’t want to pay the cost of connecting the traditional Ethernet services to their premises.


Reducing risk and building in a strong business redundancy plan is part of designing a long term sustainable business. What would you do if your office was destroyed by flood, fire or some other catastrophic event? In such an event, having your crucial infrastructure such as phone systems in a data centre mean instant recovery.


Once you build your data network, you need to invest in enterprise data network equipment that will make managing and running your network a breeze. Com2 can help you find solutions with life time guarantees and enterprise level service that comes at the right price. Talk to our team today to see how we can assist you.


Building an Enterprise Wireless Network is easy if you use the right equipment and specialists to deliver it. Create separate networks within you Wi-Fi footprint for guest and retail customers, manage and control usage, analyse the use and maximise productivity and business flexibility with an enterprise grade solution.


When you have multiple small micro sites such as in a franchise or in a chain of retail environments, keep costs down and building suitable small site data access is paramount. Com2 have access t a range of ADSL, cable, BDSL, Satellite and other small site access solutions to meet both the budgets and needs for micro sites.


With the NBN rollout creeping it way around Australia, Com2 have relationships with carriers and can help you transition from traditional copper voice solutions to the NBN. We can help move your PABX solutions and Local Access Network to the NBN service and advise you plans and services to meet your needs. Call us today.


SIP or VoIP allows your business to do the same thing as ISDN for less! Combining your Voice Services onto your Data connection is just clever business. SIP over Ethernet or Fibre is the equivalent to a copper line connection, in fact, ISDN is the earliest form of VoIP providing 2 dedicated voice channels at 64 Kbps… Start Saving Money!


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We have a broad suite of internet & data solutions for your business. Com2 has the best team of consultants to help you build a powerful data network at the right price.

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Com2 offers a full range of internet access options and data networking products that include:

  • ADSL, ADSL2+, BDSL, Cable, Satellite, FTP and Ethernet
  • Business Internet and Broadband Connections
  • IP VPN and MPLS Private Networks
  • Offsite backup in Secure Data Centres
  • Security and Firewall for Terminals and Networks
  • Data Networking Hardware and Cabling

At Com2 we understand that businesses today are relying progressively more on speed and dependability that a reputable service provider can offer. Com2 has specialists that can meet with you face to face to consult then recommend the best structure to optimise your network potential and ensure the greatest value for money is achieved. Make an appointment today.

The Benefits to your Business

Com2 has over 15 years of experience delivering data and internet communications to businesses – large and small. we believe this experience benefits your business as we are able to:

  • Tailor a high speed data solution to meet your specific business requirements and budgets
  • Enlist support from a range of market leading communications and hardware vendors
  • Allow you access highly experienced data specialists to support your needs
  • Manage your service – removing the operational costs of doing it yourself
  • Provide you with industry leading SLA’s, redundancy and high availability rates
  • Have access to online management and reporting tools with near real-time statistics
  • Receive 24 x 7 customer support, online and technical helpdesk and network management
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