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Com2 Communications are an Official Reseller in Australia of the Xima Software suite which features amongst its base software components Xima Chronical. Chronical is as the name suggests a chronological history of the events that occur within your phone system down to the finest details. It has another name “Cradle to Grave” which again relates to its purpose to catch all calls from the time it is first switched on to the end of time!

Watch the video below to learn more about Chronical Cradle to Grave!


XIMA is a software company based in the USA. XIMA Software have developed AVAYA specific reporting, recording, agent and supervisor interfaces that are easy to navigate and look awesome, which means you are more likely to spend more time growing to understand the statistics of your business. Their primary software Chronicall Cradle to Grave is a powerful tool for your business that collects information from the time it is turned on until….


The modular licence model of XIMA means you can customise a reporting or call centre solution to your business needs, giving flexability and scaleability in an affordable format. The software modules to note are Custom Reports, Call Recording Library, Realtime, Agent Dashboards and Wallboards and their latest product – dedicated trunk side call recording. Com2 believe It is the BEST Avaya specific call reporting software on the market.


When you look to collect and store information on your businesses performance it is most likely that you wish to analyse it! This is why XIMA Software Standard Reports Module allow you to view your information in graphs, charts and exceptionally detailed reports that make critical information easy to understand and reporting to key stake holders easy! You can detail reports on incoming call queues, agents, groups and events all the way down to the trunk level and then schedule the reports to automatically run and be delivered to you conveniently for your perusal as often as you like!

Once run, you reports can be saved in a variety of formats including:

How Can we Help

Com2, experts in all things telecommunications, can help you design the right solution for your business needs. Our in depth knowledge of the XIMA licencing modules and how to best extract the most from each licence for the different roles in your business is why you need look no further for a team that can help you now! Call our team and experience the difference in experts who are passionate, not just sales people!



Sometimes as a business you need to look at something more specific, and if the information you are after isn’t covered in XIMA’s standard reports then the XIMA Custom reports module has been designed for you!

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It is full of useful tools that make it easy to edit existing reports, create unique and new reports and then share these more easily that you could think! The custom report tool has a step by step creator so you can create accurate and compelling reports, You can shoes the layouts and filter down to pinpoint the exact information you are looking to obtain and then display only the information you see as relevant to the purpose of the report.

This module is a powerful tool for call centres, large corporations, multi-site business reporting and more!


The XIMA Recording Library takes all the calls recorded in you PABX or phone system and correlates them to the record in XIMA Chronicall Cradle to Grave so that you can listen to the call whilst watching the on call behaviours and actions. Looking for the calls has never been easier!

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The calls are compressed into a high quality file ready for playback and it shrinks the storage space down to 100 KB per minute effectively giving you 2 years of recording on a 32GB hard drive! AWESOME!

TO find the call you simply scroll through cradle to grave and select the file you wish to listen to by clicking on the play button next to the record in question and then you have full control with all the normal features such as pause, fast forward, rewind, stop and mute all in the same easy to use interface!

You can easily email the files as a .wav file or simply save it to a local computer for later review…

All you need to know is that CUSTOMERS LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

Com2 XIMA Cradle to Grave


The XIMA Real Time module allows you to watch your team as they work and see things as they happen! Drawing the live data from the phone system, you can watch agents behaviours as they occur, all within a simple to digest format. Green – on a call, Red for Wrap up time (or out of queue) and so on allowing you to watch behaviours, and letting staff know they can’t get away with not answering calls!

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It is INSTANT! No delays or hold ups in knowing EXACTLY what is happening on your call centre floor!

The Agent Timeline allows you to monitor a individuals activities in real time, and has a rolling timeline which shows you the last period of time you choose. This enhanced view unique to XIMA gives context to a current call or behaviour which allows you as a call centre manager to make decisions with the belief in your actions.

The Group Timeline shows real time statistics of groups and queues in the centre. It gives to the second information on Calls in Queue, Average Daily Wait times, Longest Time in Queue and they update live as a call enters or exits the queue. This not only gives you a second by second view, but allows you to grow to understand the resourcing you require at different times of day.

The Real-time Canvas allows you to create amazing Wall Board Displays with a fully customisable interface, you can allow management and team members get an overview of how they are performing against internal KPI’s and service frameworks. You can even brand it so that the wallboard reflects your company and your goals.

Com2 XIMA agent timeline


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