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Present Your Professional Business Image With A 1300 Number

A 1300 Number is a flat fee calling inbound number which consists of 10 digits. The fee charged to the caller is nominated by their carrier (usually between 25c – 40c) The number consists of the “1300” plus 6 unique numbers that allow you to either spell words, choose a memorable number with repeated number sequences in it, or simply grab a basic 1300 number to use on campaigns or websites. They can be used Australia Wide. They can be routed to any landline, mobile or international number of your choosing.
As the person renting the 1300 number, you are billed at a per minute (At Com2 we bill per second) call rate based on the type of service the call originated from (landline or mobile) and what technology it is landing on (landline, mobile or international destination).


Remove Barriers With A FREE Call 1800 Number

1800 numbers consist of the “1800” part and 6 additional numbers of your choosing. The main difference is that the 1800 number is FREE for the caller. As a free call, it opens the ability for someone to call you from a payphone or prepaid service at no cost, as well as everyone else. They are national numbers also, and will often be referred to as “toll Free”.

As the business using this number to advertise, your inbound calls across this service are charged for the time per second, the technology used to call and the service you are “landing the number on”. Landing just means pointing the 1800 number at an active service such as a landline number or mobile number.


Memorable Numbers That Deliver An Increase In Return On Marketing!

Phonewords are memorable phrases that translate directly to numbers through the use of your telephone keypad. The letters (similar to the way we used to write text messages) spell words which are used to bring your business to mind. This may be through a full, part or abbreviation of a word or number combination and these are then known as Phonewords or vanity numbers.

These phone words are usually attached to the end of a common prefix, such as 1300, 1800, 13 or traditional local and mobile numbers as well. (local and mobile are less common). The concept of phone words has been well established and numbers such as 1-800-PIZZAS, 1-300-FLOWERS, 13 HELP and so on have become well known over time and memorable when you are short of a phonebook! Statistics have shown they may be able to increase the effectiveness of a campaign by 30 – 60% and double inquiry.


Alphanumerics That Use Numbers And Words To Keep Front Of Mind!

Smartnumbers was a term created by ACMA in regards to specific numbers that have an inherent set of values or translations to a work or a repetitive easy to remember number sequence that make an inbound 13, 1300 or 1800 number easy to remember. Part of these series are phonewords, the other part is easy to remember repetitions such as 333333 or 113311. The better the number, the more people will bid for it and the larger the price to secure it.

Com2 can assist our customer to secure the number and then connect in on our Inbound Number Management platform so you can take advantage of our inbound number features. The process is relatively simple, and connections can happen within 24-48 hours. If you have a specific number or word you are after, talk to Com2 and we’ll help you do the rest!


Be A Market Leader With A 13 Number

The 13 Number s are a shorter 6 Digit number so a “13” with 4 additional numbers. The caller is charged the single 13 number fee from their provider from any mobile or landline. They fundamentally are the same as a 1300 number, just shorter! But, as there are so few of them (9999 of them to be exact!) They carry a premium charge from the government which is charged annually – from $695 per month.

Due to these costs, the “13” number has historically been used by major corporates or government agencies. A classic example of the memorable nature of 13 numbers would be Lifeline – 13 HELP. The simplicity and short nature of a 13 number makes it even more effective to businesses with a large national presence.


Target Your Local Markets With A Local Geographic Number

Local Geographic Numbers are traditional 10 digit numbers starting with a local area code such as 02, 03, 07 & 08, your local callers are only charged for a local call when they contact you, and if someone was to call you from interstate they would pay for a national or STD call.

With these numbers you obtain a “local presence” and a stronger trust level from people in your local area. The local numbers are like any other inbound service and can take advantage of all the benefits of an inbound number.

Relocating to a different exchange? We can port your current local number up to the inbound cloud so you can take advantage of keeping the same number as well as utilising the built in features that come with an inbound service number!


What Are Inbound Numbers?

Inbound Numbers are advertised numbers that consist of a either a local prefix of 02, 03, 07, 08 or an inbound prefix of 13, 1300 or 1800 which are then handled through an inbound services management portal which allows calls to be routed and managed in specific ways to improve call handling and reporting.

Why Use Inbound Numbers?

Why? In one word: MEMORABLE. By utilising the power of a good inbound number or phone word, you provide your current and potential customers an easy way to remember your contact number. Call us on 1300 887 495 to discuss the available options for 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers or even a phone word for your business!

What Features Are Available?

Your inbound number comes with access to Com2's Inbound Manager Platform. Here you can add hunt groups, call queuing, missed call alerts, voicemail, welcome greetings, IVR's and even call recording! You also get access to up to date call reporting and statistics that give you insights into the calls you are receiving.

Local Call 13 And 1300 Numbers. Free Call 1800 Numbers.

1300 numbers are a fixed cost call from any phone in Australia. This means the caller is charged for a standard local call when they contact you on a 1300 number. When you use a 1800 number however, this call is free, even from a mobile which is why 1800 numbers are often referred to as toll free or free call services.

1300, 1800, Local Geographic and 13 numbers are all hosted in a virtual call distribution system which will then rout the call based on your business needs and allows you to take control over landing points (or answering points) and of how and when people can contact you. You also have control over what happens when people can’t get in touch, meaning you never miss a call or opportunity to service a new customer!

The 1800, 1300 and 13 Numbers are INBOUND services only. This means they are for incoming calls only. They are also national numbers, meaning that you can call them from anywhere nationally for only a low local cost. They come with a high number of features, call routing and handling solutions as well as call centre features that allow businesses to grow without large costs. This is what sets them apart from traditional phone lines.

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