Things Happen Faster On 4G

Being on the 4G is all about SPEED! With typical download speed on the new 4G network varying between 2Mbps and 40Mbps, you can experience speeds that are at least twice as fast as any other network in Australia. Why put up with anything other than the BEST and FASTEST!

You can access those important work files at lightspeed or stream entertainment like YouTubes with less buffering and immediate satisfaction.

Whilst the 4G network is initially available in Major cities, major regional centres and international airports, when you roam out of the 4G area, you still get access to 3G speeds.

For an example of Australian 4G mobile networks, Click here to visit the Telstra Coverage Maps to see what speeds are currently available in your area.

Product Review: Telstra USB 4G….. A Must Have!

Telstra Mobile Broadband is in a category of its own, and add a Telstra USB 4G Modem to the mix and you are in for a speed experience! You can access the internet wherever you have 3G mobile coverage, and when you are in 4G coverage areas, get ready to experience wireless broadband speeds unmatched by any other carrier in Australia.

When it comes to which device is best for speed, I need to hand over to the Gadget Guy! Also, rather than go into a local business centre, request a visit from one of our specialist who come to YOUR business!

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