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Your Own Hosted PABX…

Com2 Communications offers private Virtual PABX telephony solutions, removing the requirement for large upfront expenditures or upgrade to infrastructure costs just to access new features. We have the backing of some of the industries biggest vendors to deliver a fully managed and maintained Hosted Phone System in a secure Data centre based here in Australia. Secure, local & built to perform!


The heart of the Virtual PABX is located off site in a state of the art Data Centre and is fully installed and maintained by qualified technicians whilst allowing you to make simple adds move and changes remotely or simple email request.

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High-Definition VoIP & SIP

By adding a dedicated high speed data connection to your virtual hosted PABX, you not only achieve super fast internet, you also receive high-definition voice. This is achieved by dedicating a part of your internet connection to voice via a process called QoS (Quality of Service) delivered over industry standard equipment from Cisco.

SIP and VoIP services from Com2 Communications are competitive and of the highest quality because we understand that voice communications are the core of any business. With our VoIP and SIP services you also access Untimed STD and Local calls, along with free calls between your Hosted PABX offices & remote connections from anywhere in the world.

FACT: Hosted and Virtual Phone System (PBX) solutions are the fasted growing business solution in the market place!


Virtual PBX Features

Call Groups

Groups can be created for sales, accounts, support, etc…


Callers are offered a choice of departments to talk to.


Individual voice-mail for each user and group. e.g accounts or support

Voice Mail To Email

Voice-mail can be delivered to you via email so you can listen anywhere!


Bring all the right team members together on a collaborative conference call

Call Queues

Incoming calls can be filtered into queues based on number called or IVR choice

Auto Attendant

Callers are greeted and either placed on hold or offered an IVR

Voice & Video

Calls can be made over voice and video with a selection of Video phones available


Virtual PABX – A Simple Monthly Subscription


One simple monthly fee, it’s that easy!

With our Virtual PABX, you can grow or shrink as required. It is built on a simple monthly fee structure that grows with you. This flexibility means that your business can add a user with speed and efficiency. The monthly subscription includes your own extension, dedicated direct dial number, system rental, maintenance and management of the system.

No more technical visits required, addition of a user is a simple request. You will save time and money. Com2’s team can design the solution to your specific requirements.

Lower Call Costs

With untimed STD and Local calls for only 9c each and Mobile calls at a fraction of the cost of your big telco providers, your virtual PABX will save you money, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). A hosted telephony service is connected directly to our SIP service providers giving exceptional voice call quality at an extraordinary price!

No Maintenance Fees

With a Hosted Cloud Phone System, there are no ongoing maintenance fees or contracts. This means you can put your money back into your business to invest in the more important things! Your virtual PABX is fully maintained by technical experts in a secure and resilient data centre that has higher than 99.999% uptime history giving you peace of mind…

Ultimate Scalability

If you are in the mining sector, engineering, government projects or an environment where staff numbers fluctuate regularly, our Virtual PABX solution scales with your business. Add and remove users by a simple request, activate and pay, deactivate and save! Scalability and flexibility will become the now for your organisation today!


What Is Your Organisational Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan For Telephony?

With your telephony being the heart of your business a Virtual PABX hosted in the cloud delivers ultimate disaster recovery methods. Com2 can design you solution so that if your site was to ever suffer a disaster such as flood, fire, storm damage or blackout, your virtual telephone system would automatically fail over to calling to individual mobiles or a structured set of services so that the calls never stop and your customers never lose contact. Our data centres are built to withstand major power failures and floods and are equipped with oxygen removal gasses and alarm monitoring so that in the event there is even a whiff of smoke, the possibility of a fire is immediately quashed. Is your business Disaster Recovery Ready? Talk to Com2 today to discuss your DR requirements.


Unlike many hosted telephony service providers, your voice traffic will never leave Australia and so is kept safe a secure meaning your private conversations stay that way. We only host virtual PABX solutions in Australian data centres.

Data Centre

Your Virtual PABX solution is housed behind state of the art security including swipe cards with finger print recognition, video monitoring and 24 x 7 security personnel keeping watch over our data centres and your virtual infrastructure.

Transit Security

With all of our hosted phone system solutions we recommend a private data link which will not only give your voice absolute security, but will deliver a high speed data service to your business so you can get things done quicker every time!!

Call Recording

You can choose to record none, some or all of the calls across your hosted PABX platform. These call recordings can be accessed at any time and are kept in our secure data centre environment so that your business privacy is secure.

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