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Avaya handsets provide range of world class intelligent UC devices that are modern, connected, and personalizable. Avaya’s Desktop Phones increase employee productivity and satisfaction, increasing vertical revenue and customer satisfaction. Our phones deliver exceptional reliability, scalable provisioning, and SIP or H.323 support to unlock the full potential of Avaya and approved third party UC platforms.

Com2 can assist you to link your existing Avaya J Series handset to our various SIP enabled platforms including our Hosted Avaya solution, Cloudphone and Microsoft Teams. Talk to a team member about how you can use your existing equipment in a multitude of ways!



What are IP Phones?

IP Phones use Internet Protocol to function. This means they can be networked like a computer back to your Switch, and even share a common ethernet cable, meaning less wiring and easier and cheaper installations in new premises. This integration gives us many abilities to extend the network via your data network, linking remote offices or home workers back to the office with full functionality. We recommend that IP telephony should be coupled with Business NBN or NBN Enterprise Ethernet, and where needed, looking at Direct Fibre connections. Our experts can do a free assessment of needs and advise appropriately.

Why Use IP Handsets?

IP telephony is the way of the future for phone systems. When looking to invest in new telephony solutions, Australia’s NBN should also be considered. Investing with Avaya, allows piece of mind that the solution bought today will work and adapt to all the future technology that is in the foreseeable future.

Other great advantages of the Avaya IP Phone Handsets are:

  • IP phones store user settings on the handset itself. So it’s much easier to have a hot desk system with IP phones, just unplug the phone and put it somewhere else.
  • IP phone system have a pass through so you can plug the computer into the back. You only need one network point per person. This in turn delivers lower cabling costs and less infrastructure hassle.
  • When you want to expand with IP handsets, you only need to increase the size of your switch. The IP office will cater for up to 384 IP users in the one box!
  • With a VLAN, sound quality is guaranteed with IP handsets.
  • IP handsets are greener, using much less power

The Avaya 9600 IP Phone Range

The Avaya 9600 IP Phone series offer powerful deskphones, stunning audio, lower power consumption, customisation and great performance. The Avaya 9600 series phones boast context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large colour touch screens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional telephone experience. The Avaya 9600 series consists of a variety of models, from the Bluetooth enabled 9611G IP Desk phone, a cost-effective functional phone for small to large enterprises, to the IP Office 9641G IP Phone for the executive team to the top of the line multifunctional 9650C IP Deskphone designed for receptionists and contact centre agents.

The Avaya 1600 IP Phone Range

The Avaya 1600 Series IP Telephones (also known as Avaya one-X Deskphone Value Edition) is a series of economical IP Telephones that deliver features at an affordable price point for customers with simple communications needs. This series of phones are designed to meet end-user needs including call centre staff. There are three core models, the 1603, 1608 and 1616, the latter of which also supports an Avaya 32 button expansion module.


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