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If you work for the community we want to GIVE BACK to you! We do DEEP DISCOUNTS for Charity Organisations! 


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Com2 make themselves available for advice to our charity customers free of charge! WE HELP YOU HELP OTHERS!

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Fund raisers have many volunteers, we make the phone system EASY TO USE  for new volunteer staff to learn!

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Our clients love us! You can benefit from the experience of our HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Variety Queensland | Case Study

Issues & Needs

  • Urgently needed to replace a failing PABX solution (it was smoking!!)
  • Needed a new system that would be around for decades, they needed a real work horse!
  • The site was already cabled, so the replacement was more about keeping cost of ownership down whilst still obtaining quality
  • Needed advice on how to cut costs and re-invest into new wireless and mobile technology
  • We needed a system that was easy to use as many volunteers work on fundraising campaigns in the office
  • Cost effective systems – we needed to dig deep in our discount pockets to keep costs down!

What We Delivered

  • Com2 Communications Delivered a new Avaya IP Office with 16 Handsets
  • We worked with their carrier (Telstra) to obtain a technology fund to cover 2/3rds of the costs of deployment
  • Com2 consolidated all the Telstra accounts to deliver free fleet calls amongst the business
  • Built in an ongoing Maintenance Plan so the system was always looked after, no matter what!
  • Built in an Auto Attendant so the calls were delivered to teams without overloading the receptionist
  • Obtained a free 6 month trial of Messages on Hold.

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