Business Process Automation

Why do everything manually when you can use business process automation to save you and your staff’s time, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks that matter most! With effective business process automation you can dramatically lift your productivity by automating routine tasks to deliver a fast return on investment

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Customer Interaction Automation

• Reduce your call centre load. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has the potential to handle up to 30% of your routine incoming calls automatically.

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• Make information more accessible for your customers. IVR lets customers get what they need quickly, such as their account balance.

• Automate your outbound calls with autodial and messaging – deliver reminders and notifications  to customers without tying up your call centre staff.

Workflow Management

• Accurately forecast and schedule with workforce management integration, freeing up the time it takes to do this manually.

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Use call recording to verify verbal transactions and resolve disputes.

Send incoming calls to the best person for the job, increasing efficiency by using enhanced routing to deliver calls to the right employee.

Agent Transaction Optimization

• Use screenpops from your CRM to personalise service and display essential information to call centre agents as they answer a call.

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Your call centre agents spend less time looking for information as it is available to them when they answer a call, speeding up call times and lowering wait times.

Use click to dial from your CRM to speed up outbound calls.

Customer screenpop speeds up wrap up times, as well as improving the accuracy of your CRM records as your call centre agents can enter details during a call.

The above touches the surface of what can be achieved for your business using business process automation. To find out more about how we can tailor business process automation to your business, please contact us and speak to one of our experts.

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