A Microsoft Teams Certified call recording soltuion

Hosted along side Microsoft Teams in Azure cloud, CallCabinet is the premier full featured and offers the most comprehensive and flawless call recording solution uniquily positioned for compliance, QA (quality assurance), and business analytics built into its core.

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The perfect partnership for your Microsoft Teams

As the industry’s original and leading cloud-native call recording platform, CallCabinet collaborates with an extensive array of Teams-enabled devices, encompassing not only mobile phones but also seamlessly integrating with conferencing solutions and cutting-edge contact centre technologies. CallCabinet’s commitment to compliance is meticulously recorded, aligning precisely with your designated call flow and adhering to user permission requirements. This recording process ensures that each conversation is immediately accessible for automated quality assurance (QA), facilitating thorough assessments, and opens the door to an expansive realm of unlimited voice analytics. CallCabinet’s focus on innovation and user-centric solutions sets them apart, empowering your organization with a comprehensive and compliant call recording experience that seamlessly integrates into your dynamic Microsoft Teams environment

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Unequalled direct integration with your Microsoft Teams – any location, any time on any device...

Teams Phone + Teams Mobile App

As you collaborate with internal teams and external clients using Microsoft Teams Phone and Teams Phone Mobile App, all conversations and communications are stored with state-of-the-art compliance and security. Record video and voice calls from any Microsoft Teams app to another or when calling an eternal landline or mobile. From anywhere, on any device, at any time, this call recording information is instantaneously accessible for quality assurance, compliance, customer dispute resolution, and business intelligence.

Teams Audio & Video Conferencing

CallCabinet provides the capability to capture multiple screens and video streams concurrently. Our cutting-edge technology excels in video and audio recording at a granular level, enhancing your ability to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Teams interactions. With CallCabinet, you can implement precise policy settings for individual users, teams, entire organizations, and companies. This allows you to customize recording preferences to match your specific requirements accurately. CallCabinet seamlessly captures all call data.

Certified Contact Center Recording

CallCabinet is fully Microsoft Teams Certified, integrating with ease to deliver a Unified Communications compliance solution for your Microsoft Teams’ voice, video, and screen sharing. CallCabinet’s compliant call recording for Microsoft Teams, is optimized so that your contact center operations can be integrated with multiple contact center solution providers, solving Manual & automated QA, Agent evaluation, Screen recording, Multilanguage translation and Cloud, on-prem & hybrid deployments




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