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Panasonic TDA30 Review

by john

An inexpensive start-up phone system for growing businesses....

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Whether you are kicking off your business or upgrading from an old Panasonic phone system, the TDA30 Panasonic business phone system is a great and inexpensive system to get your business up and running.

Being simple to use. the Panasonic TDA30 business phone system offers staff a solution that they can grasp in minutes and immediately become productive and efficient users within minutes!

The simple nature of the TDA30 makes it robust and trustworthy. it is a system that will go the distance, with many owners reluctant to ever upgrade due to the rock solid performance and reliability that Panasonic has become known for.

Like the rest of the Panasonic TDA Phone system range, this system has been a part of the Panasonic range because it’s a brilliant all-rounder phone system that is the perfect match for small businesses or state offices.

It can be used on both PSTN and ISDN2 phone lines as well as giving some capacity of IP workers to connect remotely. It also is able to expand out of its standard 24 extensions with the use of digital extra device ports, but in doing this one needs to trade off the number of phone lines coming into the system with the number of extensions, still, it is an inexpensive way to expand the extensions in the business.

The feature set includes:

  • Max 52 Extensions
  • Max 12 Lines
  • Additional Memory options
  • IP Connectivity
  • PSTN/ISDN Line Access
  • Digital/Analogue/IP handset options
  • DECT - Cordless phone addions
  • Day / Night & Lunch / Break setting
  • Easy call management Pickup/Hold/Transfer
  • Call Distributuion
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • CTI - Computer Telephony Integration compatibility

Whilst this is an excellent system it is however being challenged by the newer NCP & NS1000 range of Panasonic phone systems.

In summary, the Panasonic TDA30 phone systems are a simple system for the everyday user, no real bells and whistles... this should suit most of the small business market in Australia as it is one of the easiest systems to use and this ease of use is what makes Panasonic TDA30 pbx systems so popular.

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Authenticated Call Recording

by john

Could call recording make a difference to your business

IP Office Voicemail Pro Call Recording

Recently, a new customer came to me with a proble, he was having problems with people booking reservations with a credit card over the phone, using the service, then disputing the charges leading to financial losses and much distress. The solution was in a new Avaya phone system with the Voice Mail Pro software added.

assets/Voice Mail Pro.jpgAuthenticated Call Recording is available on the IP Office Preferred Edition and IP Office Voice Mail Pro. This feature allows calls to be recorded either automatically (all calls), manually (user imitated) or randomly (the system is programmed to record calls every 5th call for example). Voice recording can be used for a number of applications like for training purposes, monitoring of abusive calls, security for over the phone transactions and many more applications. A recording can then be sent to the users voicemail inbox or to an email address for later retrieval. Alternatively, recordings can be deposited to and later accessed on a central database via Contact Store for IP Office.

An option allows to detect a tamper/ verified recording to avoid any abuse of recordings. This is available for recordings in a voicemail box and in the central database of contact store as well.

Individual User Recording means calls to and/or from a selected user can be elected to be recorded automatically. The default setting sends the recordings to the user's mailbox. The config can be set to record only incoming, only outgoing or all calls as required.

Specific Hunt Group Recordings allow a group to be automatically recorded. As with the individual recordings these can be directed to any mailbox. The configuration could be set to record external calls only or on all calls.

An account code can be applied to a call by the user before it is made. This can be used to trigger recording of outgoing calls.

Caller ID Recording

Account codes can be assigned to a call by Caller ID matching. This allows recording to be based on a Caller ID match.

Time Profiles

For each user, hunt group and/or account code, an IP Office time profile can be used to determine when auto-recording is used.

In summary, voicemail pro is a versatile tool, it can add to the productivity possibilities and maximise the potential of your investment by adding an additional sales, training and security tool to your new Avaya phone system. Call to talk to one of our professionals today

Com2 Communications, making communicating better every day.... 1800 266 628

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Free Conference Calls

by john

Take control of your telephone conferencing call costs!

Free Conference Calls

Free Hosting Conference CallsCom2 Communications has access to some of the most advanced communications solutions available, and all at amazingly reasonable prices. One of the things we get asked about regularly with our larger corporate and government agency clients is about the ability to do tele-conferencing and open the abilities to the costs of this sometimes overly expensive function. Introducing the Avaya Conferencing Bridge!

The Avaya IP Office preferred edition carries a free inbuilt conferencing bridge supporting conference capabilities with as up 128 participants on a conference call, or multiple conferences can take place at the same time (e.g. 4 x 32 party conferences)

With the Meet-me Conferencing Bridge a unique PIN number can be given to guests for a secure conference format, where individuals input the 4 digit PIN before joining the call. Use IP telephony, and all internal conference calls could become free.

The Scheduler management  interface allows for the creation of conferences, invites to be sent, or set up in real time on the fly. The Web Client empowers the host to stream documents and presentations for live to air viewing. IP Office Calls can be placed on hold and a conference created using either the phone or desktop applications. Additional conference members may be added at any time, and allows for up to a maximum of 128 members.


The Host, via the IP Office Web Client interface, can manage guests ability to be able to "Speak" and "Listen" or set them to "Listen only". Through the Client interface,  the Host has the ability to "Whisper" to any individual on the call. Participants can also instant message using the web chat functionality privately to the Host or to all participants. Employees can cost effectively conduct meetings over the phone and spontaneously collaborate, share information and make decisions creating more effective work practices leading to shorter project times and increased employee productivity.

The Meet-me Conference Bridge delivers lowered conferencing costs by removing the requirement for the traditional conferencing service providers. Return On Investment on IP Office conferencing solutions can be as short as 9-10 weeks, depending on your usage and current supplier costs.

The cost of using traditional conferencing solutions has been extremely expensive. The conference facilities on the Avaya IP Office are incredible,  with 128 party conferencing built in to the system.

IP Office Standard Conference Features

IP Office provides the following features and benefits relating to conferencing:

No additional conferencing equipment required

Your limitation on party participants is based on how many trunks (phone or IP lines) you have available

Amazingly easy to use

Invitees simply call the advertised number for the Conference Bridge, enter a pin and they have access to the conference call

Conference control from Avaya Display telephones, IP Office Phone Manager and Avaya one- X Portal for IP Office

Ad-hoc conferencing has all the capabilities of the fully fledged conference such as invite individuals on to the call and disconnect individuals if required.

Custom Greeting Options

Record a personalized greeting per conference (requires Preferred Edition/VoiceMail Pro).

Conference entry (single beep) and exit (double beep) tones

Conference call recording

Manual recording can be initiated by user on IP Office via Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office , Phone Manager, digital/IP display phone or a short code (requires Preferred Edition/VoiceMail Pro)


To prevent unauthorized access to the conference bridge, PIN codes, Caller ID number screening as well as time and date profiles can be set-up using IP Office VoiceMail Pro.


In cases where the security of calls is critical, in-house conferencing is the only way to ensure privacy.

Remote Management

Allows a single person to manage the conferencing bridge facility from any location. Furthermore, the full IP Office solution - phone system, voicemail, CTI server, router, firewall and DHCP server- can all be managed from a single management interface called IP Office Manager.

With all of these amazing benefits and more, why would you continue to pay the huge costs of traditional conferencing, Call Com2 Today, the experts in communications and Avaya's IP Office Solutions. 1800 266 628

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The Business Phone System Specialists

by john

assets/img/content/Telstra_AccreditedPartner_Neg_RGB_Mono.jpgCom2 Communications is a leading supplier of Telstra Business products and Telstra Business Phone systems. We have  been supplying and maintaining Office Telephone Communication Solutions  and Business Phone Systems for over 12 years, empowering businesses of all sizes across Australia to operate more efficiently; reducing office telephone system running expenses, whilst increasing business productivity and enhancing their clients satisfaction.

Our Business Telephone and Office phone Systems provide unified telephony, communication and messaging solutions to companies of all sizes; including ASX listed mining companies, Local Governments and Councils, Call Centre Facilities and hundreds of small businesses.

Com2 Communications understands that each business has unique challenges when focusing on the importance of business phone systems, internal business communications and the infrastructure that supports these crucial elements. The Initial task is to meet with our clients and fully comprehend your existing communications infrastructure and business phone systems and the potential for improvements driven by future technology. Once your office phone system specifications have been established, Com2 will then recommend office phone system solutions that cater to your current and future needs. Our expansive range of expertise in business telecommunications include;

 All of our Business Telephone System Implementations are supported by our team and technical partners with dedication and experience. As Telstra Dealers, we have the additional support of Australia most Trusted Telephone System and Service Provider and the skills to project manage each installation with ease and efficiency..

At Com2 Communications we are known for:

  • Our outstanding knowledge of Telstra Business Solutions - Fixed - Mobiles - Data

  • Deployment of IP Telephony for multi sited business operations & Contact Centres

  • Expert Competitve Analysis and review of your existing phone system and telephone accounts, showing you how to realise true savings for your business

  • Great value brand new phone system solutions via the Telstra Business Systems program

  • We can assist with Finance Options for your new phone system, whether you wish to lease or rent your phone system – or buy your phone system outright

  • Fantastic Customer Service, before and after sales. Contact Us today!

  • Great brands such as AvayaAlcatelEngenius, Panasonic and more!

Smart, productive and efficient telephone system solutions are just one of our specialties. As an authorised Telstra Business Phone System provider and as a Telstra Business Accredited Partner, you get the personalised service that your business needs from Com2 Communications all backed by Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telstra.

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Apple iPad 3 - Is the 7th of March 2012 to be or not to be...?

by john

All the Apple iPad and iPad 2 lovers are hoping that tomorrow may herald the release of something special .. iPad 3

There is no official word on what Apple is up to tomorrow, but all across the world there are stages, halls, new shops and banners going up with Apple all over them. Here in Australia we are feeling stock constraints on the iPad 2. Now I have no official word, but this smells like a release, and using logic, if the iPad 2 is on constraint (which probably the means the factories are working hard on something else...)  and there are enough rumours about the iPad 3 as well as spare parts turning up around the web, a release of something Apple is going to happen and it's goign to be BIG!

Some officials of the tech kingdom have been touting the release of the iPad 3, others have been talking about the Apple TV - Just imagine how big and shiny that would be!!

If it's the iPad 3, these are the top 10 rumours of the tweaks that have supposedly been included...

  1. HD Resolution - The iPad 3 is going to have a sharper resolution with a higher pixel density of 2048 x 1536, this is double the resolution of the iPad 2.
  2. More Storage - There are speculations that the iPad 3 device may come with a 128GB option so you can hoard even more!!! I'm sure it's about 200 hours of music..... never listen to a song twice again.....
  3. SIRI - t is believed that our helpful and polite Siri will be taking up camp in the iPad 3...
  4. iOS 6? There have been rumoured releases of an iOS 6 with the iPad 3 release, though this would more likely be kept for the iPhone 5 stage and we are more likely to see some basic improvements and rollout of an upgraded version of iOS 5
  5. Better Camera - the 8 Mp Camera from the iPhone 4S may be included as part of the iPad 3 construction, it would make sense and also be a fantastic feature! I'm hoping they update the front camera on the iPad 3 also to improve the face-time applications
  6. More Processing Power - There are reports that the iPad 3 will be powered by either a quad core A6 processor or a dual core A5X chip making its processing power a great leap from its predecessor
  7. No Buttons...? there have been a few reports that the home button we have all come to love and thumb regularly will be removed from the iPad3.... being a staple of all of Apple's hallmark designs, one would think this one is less likely.
  8. More RAM - After the increase in RAM from iPad (256MB) to iPad 2 (512MB), there is an expectation that his would jump again possibly a 1GB RAM capacity in the iPad 3. I think with the size of the applications running on the new super sharp resolution screen, it is probably going to need it...
  9. Bigger Battery - With all of these new features one would only hope that it would carry a bigger battery!
  10. Thicker - With all of the additions of a larger battery, denser resolution, more of everything plus a leaked image of an iPad 3 case last month, it seems that the iPad may be putting on a little weight... we'll just have to wait and see now.... 24 hours to go!


Reserve an iPad 3 with Com2 Communications! Whilst we have no confirmed release date, add you name and contact details to our iPad 3 from Telstra list. Just fill in our contact form. add iPad 3 waiting list to the notes and we'll be in touch as soon as we are able to order them!

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Cheap Phone Systems & GSM Gateways explained...

by john

Getting a cheap phone system may not be as hard as you think.....

Getting a cheap phone system may not be as hard as you think..... Many businesses opt for getting a budget phone system or sometimes even a second hand system, but the real value comes when getting a phone system that pays for itself, therefore being an asset to the business rather than a cheap imitation or unreliable second hand option.

"A phone system that pays for itself? What?"

When  Com2 Communications work on a free quote for your business phone system, we take into consideration all of your business communications outgoings and negotiate the best deal possible whilst organising the phone system itself. This leads to the best discounts and optimal packaging and sometimes even capping of bills to give you cost assurance,

"Capping Phone bills? How?"

With the use of all the technology out in the market place, and all of the different plan structures, we work out ways to minimise and cap your business phone expenditures each month with additions of GSM Gateways, competitive broadband plans, mobile plan rationalisation and specialised packaging for corporate customers or customers bringing their services from another carrier.

"GSM Gateways? How do they work?"

A GSM gateway is a device attached to the phone system that allows your outgoing calls to be sent via the Next G Mobile network rather than your standard phone line. This in effect avails you to the capped call plans available from Telstra to be applied to your dialler without having to pay for a line rental. This does two really important things for your phone system and communications. 1. it frees up your incoming lines 2. it gives you dedicated outgoing lines.

When a customer receives the call, they see the mobile number it came from, when they call the number back, it is transferred to your main office number free of change, so you do not tie up your outgoing GSM gateway, and the customer gets the same fantastic customer experience by coming through the main number.

"Can I add a dialler to my old phone system?"

The simple answer is yes, but there are times where it may not be the best option for a really old system, or the cost of updating an old telephone system may outweigh the ease of putting in a new system with all the fantastic features and handsets that come with a modern phone system solution.

If you have any other questions on Com2 Communications fantastic solutions, please call us on 1800 266 628 or email us on help@com2.com.au

We sell trusted brands only, including  TelstraApple, Vololink, Avaya, Alcatel, Panasonic, Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser, and Add-Com

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Choosing a Telephone Systems for your business...

by john

Steps to choosing the right phone system the first time

As many of us understand, our business telephone systems are the core of our business. It is the gateway that we use to communicate with our customers and it is our first impression we make on a customer when they call our business for the first time. Phone systems are important. A quality telephone system can be the difference of a good first impression or a poor one.

Some things to consider when you look for a phone system to match with your business are:

A business telephone system lies at the very heart of your business. It is the port that allows communication between yourself and your customers. Without one, your business simply would not work...

So, when choosing a telephone system, you need to be aware of which system will work best for your business.

"How many staff need and office phone?"

This will determine the optimum number of phone lines and handset extensions you will require as part of your phone system. ar eyou looking for a small business phone system or a corproate call centre?!

"How quickly is my business going to grow?"

Think about your future growth, even if it is planned for the mid-term, investing in the right telephone system now means that as you expand, even into a multi site business or maybe a call centre you will have the base structure in place to do so by choosing the right phone system platform from the beginning

"What is our business budget for a phone system?"

With so many phone systems in the  market, be realistic with what you want from a phone system for the money you are ready to spend. On that note, you would be surprised how many features like voicemail, auto attendant, messages on hold are available in reasonably priced systems. When you book a free site audit with Com2, we make sure to assist you in finding a budget conscious solution that works.

"What features will give my business the edge?"

Although all of our phone systems come with the basic features, such as 'call hold', 'call transfer' and 'call divert', there are many other features that you might consider to be beneficial to your business may include auto attendant, call recording, voicemail, messages on hold and many more.

"Do my staff need to be contactable wherever they are in the office or out on the road?"

If you have staff on the move, we can customise your phone system and packaging to make communications seamless, affordable and easy to manage with the use of twinning (where calls ring simultaniousl;y on your desk and mobile) or we can also use a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) solution. With a DECT phone, staff are able to be contacted anywhere on a large site, we also stock EnGenius Solutions for such purposes.

"Do I need maintenance cover?"

We insure out car, contents and even our mobiles! Maintenance can assist in covering your phone system against the unpredictable. If for some reason your telephone system fails then you need a quick response then a maintenance agreement can make that a quick and painless process.

Still want to know more??

If you have more questions, don't fret...


Call us now on 1800 266 628 and one of our friendly experts can arrange a FREE site survey, where we can confirm all of your telephony needs.

So, whichever telephone system you choose, Com2 Communications will ensure that it is the right one for your business.

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Choosing the Best Headset for your Phone system

by john

Com2 Communications: Making New Headset Selection simple and Easy

We now offer Plantronics, Jabra, GN Netcom, Add-Com and Sennheiser Headsets, and we will match just about any quote!! Are you in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah or Byron Bay areas? Contact us today and we can organise a free site visit to review your communications needs and headset requirement. 1800 266 628


Telstra's first 4G Tablet Arrives Tomorrow!!

by john

Move over iPad...? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9




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