Panasonic NSX1000 & NSX2000


The Panasonic NSX1000 & NSX2000 remove the barriers of traditional telecommunications. Any environment that you want to work instantly becomes your office with the ability to use multiple devices in any location with Unified Communications suite including: IM Chat, Video Conferences and User Presence.


The KX-NSX2000 (the big brother of the NSX1000) supports up to 2000 users. This makes it the perfect match for any large company as well as multi site/ multi tenant buildings and commercial precincts. Key specifications: – 2000 users, 32 Sites and 128 tenants with a host of built in management functionalities for adaptability.


With the enterprise in mind, Redundancy and Resilience have been built into the core of the NSX1000 & NSX2000. The redundancy comes in a 1 + 1 format with a primary licenced core and failover chassis for instant internal failover. Remote Maintenance from the Panasonic Cloud means support is backed up by Panasonic.

NSX1000 & NSX2000


Each user can allocate their DID phone number to an array of devices. This could include their Main Desk phone, and additional phone at home, their DECT handset as well as up to 4 mobile devices all simultaneously ringing as a single office extension. This enables users to simply manage multiple devices across multiple locations with ONE NUMBER!


The NSX1000 & NSX2000 have their own version of hot desking. The panasonic version – Smart Desking – not only allows various individual staff to use the various stations in an office. It also allows users to set profiles and rules for “serviced-in & services-out” s that calls are directed differently to one of their multiple devices when “serviced-out”.


My Portal – is a web based user interface that allows individual extension users to simply manage and operate the various telephony settings and features such as their Unified Messaging (UM) customisations without the need to engage support or technical resources to do so. The simple portal interface ensures users maximise the utilisation of features.


The KX-NSX1000/2000 has been designed to deploy into a highly scalable environment. The up-to 2000 supported users can across up to 32 various locations. The alternate locations could be utilising NS700’s or NS1000 units and be consolidated to the head office system so that all internal calls, IM, UM and Ldap Directory integrations become seamless.


Automatic Voice Guidance

Give your customer choices and keep them informed. In Queue voice guidance gives your customer options to decide to keep waiting with queue times advised, options to leave a message or simply hang up for call-back. Your customers will appreciate the communication! This improves overall customer satisfaction with your organisation.

Monitor Calls And Reports

The KX-NSX1000 & 2000 have built in call centre monitoring and historical call reporting. Monitoring allows for listen, coach, whisper and joining of the call and reportable data can be saved to an external server and exported to build a greater understanding of your business over time. Need more comprehensive call reporting? call the team to discuss.

Call Recording

With the call centre in mind, the ability to record all calls is built in. You can choose to automatically record all calls for every extension or just a group of extensions and then store these on an external server for later review. Call recordings are the greatest tool for coaching and development of your teams. Talk to Com2 about the NSX series today!

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