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The Panasonic NS1000 has been designed to give customers simplified and improved communications, lower costs of ownership improved productivity and simple integrations into day to day applications and devices and TAPI connections such as Go-Connect and Poltys servers to deliver the ultimate PABX performance in an completely IP environment.


In one word: Dynamic. The NS1000 comes with all the features you would expect in modern pedigree PABX’s Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendants, CRM integrations, Call Distribution, Unified Messaging, SIP Trunking and integrations with IP Cameras and desktop business automation systems that will allow your business to stand out from the crowd.


In todays modern workday, mobility has become key. In-house mobility is delivered via Multi-Cell DECT with seamless handover from one base station to the next giving smooth mobile communications across the largest of work places, add to this off-site mobility delivered by twinning and smart phone apps, the NS1000 is the answer to your Dynamic business.



Universities, colleges and high schools are more than often spread across multiple sites with students, staff and maintenance frequently on the move across the campus to different rooms and workspaces. The NS1000 SIP and IP platform deliver simplified deployments across the various facilities in your education environment. DECT and mobility are core to the latest PABX deployments and the Panasonic NS1000 keeps staff in contact no matter where on the grounds they are.


The NS1000 delivers the Healthcare market high levels of reliability and flexibility. Delivering call distribution, mobility that is safe and crystal clear in voice delivery, computer integrations that allow healthcare facilities to integrate with patient care systems and integrated data base technologies such as Nurse Call systems all allow healthcare organisations to deliver best in class outcomes for patients, doctors, nurses and caring staff.


Government and Enterprise topographies can be complex environments with a need to deliver calls correctly and efficiently. With this comes the requirement to accurately log calls, options to record calls and maintain reporting to all key stake holders within the organisational structures. The Panasonic NS1000 has built-in IVR and unified messaging and allows simple configuration tools for routing and pulling reports on calls. These essential tools keep administration and call times lower leading to lower costs and overheads.


To be competitive and remain in front of the game, sales organisations need to be integrated and connected to the best of technology. Delivering clear communications and information to staff enable them to make each customer interaction unique and customised with information they have at hand. CRM integrations via the Panasonic NS1000 CTI interface and a range of custom software packages can take your sales floor to the next level. Get accurate reporting, call recordings, track every interaction so you can manage your team to excellence.



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