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Xima Chronicall, Easy, Comprehensive and Affordable Call Centre Software for the Avaya IP Office Telephone System

by Mark

We literally stumbled across Xima Software, made up of a team of former Avaya technicians based inSalt Lake Cityin theUSA, and were immediately impressed with what their software can do when paired with the Avaya IP Office telephone system. Xima Chronicall has all the features we have described in Part Two of this blog about the Avaya Advanced Edition, yet its advantage is in its ease of use. Everything is there, the live and historic reporting, threshold alarms, the same number of IVR queues and the call recording. The advantage Xima brings to the Avaya IP Office is the user interface, it is so easy to use, and there’s no other way to describe it, the interface is….pretty! Where Xima really excels is their Xima Chronicall Cradle to Grave module, where every action and every movement from every call that has ever gone through your call centre phone system is logged and there for you to see and drill down to the tiniest detail. Search by day, week, time, agent, caller ID, queue etc to find your call and then track who answered it, how long it was on hold, how long the agent spoke to the client for, who they transferred it to and when it ended. Want to hear what was said on that call? Just click on the “play” button and you can email the recording to yourself, someone else, or listen to it then and there. We can’t stress enough how pleasant to use Xima Chronicall is, and it is also very powerful! Yet the most attractive thing about Xima Chronicall is the value for money, it is very affordable. So if you have a small-ish call centre and need powerful, easy to use call centre software, Xima Chronicall paired with the Avaya IP Office phone system is the way to go.

Please contact us on 1300 887 495 for more information on Avaya IP Office and Xima Chronicall Call Centre Software.

In part 4, we explore a premium call centre suite from Cytrack and transforming your call centre into a multimedia contact centre.

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Avaya IP Office Phone System, Powering Your Contact Centre Customer Service

by Mark

Let’s look at Avaya’s call centre software, called Customer Call Reporter. The Avaya Advanced Edition builds on top of the Avaya Preferred Edition software, adding in the additional requirements that today’s demanding call centres require. In a nutshell, Avaya Advanced Edition gives you:

  • Customer Call Reporter. This powerful software tool is separated into “Supervisor” and “Agent” licences. The Agent license simply gives your call centre agents the ability to log in and out of their respective call centre queues and gives them access to see vital live statistics relating to their own activity and the queue(s) they are logged into. Supervisor licences are for your call centre managers. Supervisor licenses are where the power lies in Avaya Customer Call Reporter, with every statistic you would need available at the click of a button. These statistics are viewable as either live or historic, with the ability to see those call centre statistics across multiple queues while supervising multiple agents. Alarms can also be set for vital thresholds, such as queue wait time, so that supervisors can react and manage call centre queues to ensure customer service KPIs are met.
  • Advanced Edition is equipped with multiple IVR entry points into the telephone system, so you can give out multiple 1300/1800 numbers (or standard landline numbers off your indial range), allowing you to tailor individual queues for specific purposes in your call centre, rather than one queue fits all. For example, you can have a separate number for sales and a separate number for service, feeding into separate queues, reducing the wait time on both. Whereas other call centre phone systems made for the SME market may be able to handle 4-6 separate IVR entry points, the Avaya IP Office telephone system is equipped with 40! Your call centre queues can also be prioritised. If you have multi-skilled agents who monitor and are logged into multiple queues, you can ensure your “sales” calls are answered as a priority over other calls. Those multi-skilled agents will also receive a notification so that they can identify which queue the call they are answering has come from.
  • Avaya Contact Store, an easy to use indexed data base of call recordings. As the Avaya IP Office is capable of automatically recording and storing incoming and outgoing telephone calls, you need a way to quickly and easily find those recordings when you need them. Each extension on the Avaya IP Office telephone system can be set up with different call recording parameters (eg 100% of all calls, 100% of outgoing, 50% of incoming, 50% of outgoing none of incoming etc), so calls are recorded when and how you want them, depending on the trust you have in and the skill of the staff member. To find a recording you simply open up the Avaya Contact Store and search by either extension number, time of call, date of call, the queue on which the call was received, or incoming/outgoing caller ID of the call, and more. Once you have found the recording you can listen to it on the spot, email the recording to yourself or to another email address. To top it all off, the recordings stored in Avaya Contact Store are watermarked to show if they have been tampered with, so they are admissible as evidence in the unfortunate even that a customer cannot be reasoned with.
  • Avaya One-X Portal is a browser-based interface for PC-based telephony controls for the Avaya IP Office telephone system. It can be used to answer and control calls, set up conference calls, click to dial from a contact base, visual voicemail, and stores a call log for each user. Agents can also use Avaya One-X portal to log in and out of call centre queues.
  • The Avaya IP Office can also integrate with customer databases and CRM, though this is dependant on certain aspects of your CRM software and you should discuss this with us and your IT professionals to see how to best provide this integration for your call centre.
  • Avaya IP Office is capable of being networked across multiple sites with up to 32 phone systems connected together and up to 1000 extensions across those 32 sites. With an Avaya IP Office Small Community Phone System Network, you can operate your call centre across multiple sites, with the same calls queuing to agents across your different sites.

This is merely an overview of the main features of the Avaya Advanced Edition, Customer Call reporter, and the strength that the Avaya IP Office telephone system can provide for your call / contact centre. Please contact us on 1300 887 495 if you want to get specific and find out more!

Now we move on to 3rd party call centre software. The Avaya Advanced Edition may sound impressive, but there are some 3rd party call centre software package that have been designed to integrate with the Avaya IP Office telephone system to give you even more power and productivity from your call centre.

In our next instalment we explore the first of our two favourite 3rd party call centre suites, Xima Chronicall. 

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Avaya IP Office, The Perfect Phone System For Your Call Centre | Contact Centre

by Mark

assets/man drawing at whiteboard 300.pngWith recent advances in technology, it’s not too difficult to find a good telephone system for your call centre / contact centre without having to pay a fortune for it. Let’s quickly summarise the most common needs for a fully functioning contact centre:

  • Flexible and powerful call flows – you want your call centre running as efficiently as possible, and the best way to do so is to ensure that your phone system is directing your calls exactly where you want them as quickly as possible. Nothing will frustrate your customer more than waiting on hold forever to be put through to the right person or, even worse, having waited a long time on hold and going through to the wrong person!
  • Call centre reporting that is easy to access and understand – allow your managers to easily access live and historic data from your phone system to see where they can improve on your call centre KPIs, making your call centre all the more efficient.
  • Hot Desking – save on valuable real estate and desk space costs by sharing your terminal space amongst your staff, depending on who is working at any particular time. Each staff member will have a profile in your phone system, including a unique extension number. Staff can log in and log out of the handsets in your phone system (any handset) and that handset, when logged in, will load up with that staff member’s extension number, voicemail and other settings, plus log them in or out of any relevant queues in your call centre.
  • Call recording – make staff training and quality assurance easier with an efficient call recording suite. Good call recording should not only work efficiently, but recordings need to be easy to search for and retrieve in the event that you may ever require that recording. It is also helpful (though not essential) if your call recording suite is native to your phone system, rather than 3rd party. Call recording also helps in the event that one of your “forgetful” customers makes a complaint about something that they claim was said but wasn’t, or vice versa ;-) Call recording is vital for every call centre phone system.
  • An easy all-in-one PC based suite with telephony controls, allowing your agents to make, receive and control calls via their PC and not just the handset
  • Integration into your CRM software so that you can click to dial or have screen pop-ups on incoming calls directly from your customer data base via your phone system (your CRM also needs to support this feature).
  • Multisite capabilities for call centres that run across multiple sites.

With this in mind, we’ll move on to part 2 of this blog series, looking at how an Avaya IP Office Contact Centre telephone system can deliver on all these requirements, plus more, for your call centre. The Avaya IP Office telephone system is available with Avaya’s own proprietary call centre suite, called Customer Call Reporter, as part of the Advanced Edition. However, due to Avaya’s strong relationship with its “DevConnect” partners, there are some 3rd party suites that will also do the trick, from basic to advanced, depending on what your call centre needs from your phone system. We’ll explore these in part 3 and 4.

To find out more on the Avaya IP Office Contact Centre Telephone System, contact us on 1300 887 495!

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Telstra BizEssentials - An essential for any small business

by john

If you are looking to save time figuring out that phone bill each month and save money on expensive telecommunications bills, the Telstra BizEssentials package may just be the answer. By combining your phone line rental, your business broadband plan and all of your calls into one simple package, Telstra BizEssentials does away with unpredictability and delivers solid value on one of Australians most trusted networks. One Bill, One Plan, One less thing for small business to worry about!

If you are wondering if the BizEssentials package will work for your business, Com2 Communications can do a competitive analysis of your phone bill to see if and how much this great bundled package could save you! Click Here to submit your bill!

Does Telstra BizEssentials work with Phone Systems?


Remember, Com2 are your experts in all things phones. We can help you bundle your new BizEssentials package with a new phone system or with an existing system by using Least Cost Routing (LCR). With LCR you can program your phone system to use the BizEssentials line as you main outgoing call line whih means you can accumulate all of your outgoing calls on the unlimited call service whilst keeping the other lines for incoming calls.


Free On Account - Intra Account Calls with BizEssentials


The BizEssentials deal also turns your account into a money saving machine by making all on account calls free of charge! You can have up to 10 services on the account talking to each other free of charge day in and day out. That’s free calls from mobile to mobile, mobile to landline, landline to mobile and landline to landline.  Built for small businesses to communicate better and therefore be more productive and make decisions quicker, essential for any business to succeed!


For more on BizEssentials visit our page dedicated to the plans by clicking below and of course, if you would like some help signing up for this plan with an expert at hand, call us on 1800 266 628 to speak to one of our team who aren’t just sales people, they are passionate solutions specialists interested in how your business works and what will save you the most money!

Handset Review - The Alcatel Lucent 8002 & 8012 SIP Handsets

by john

Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and the Alcatel-Lucent 8012 DeskPhones

Alcatel-Lucent is known for its sleek and approachable handsets, and the Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and 8012 DeskPhones are no exception – each provides a simple, usable interface combined with cost-efficiency and power-efficiency, along with all the features a fledgling business could need.

The Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and the Alcatel-Lucent 8012 DeskPhones offer, first and foremost, a convenient, unambiguous interface. Both feature a black-and-white display that supports up to 20 alphanumeric characters and uses its own multidirectional navigator, along with a number of settings that allow for fine-tuning the administrative and function settings of the handset. Their interfaces also offer an extensive call log, an easy-to-access local directory, and an incoming call LED, as well as a number of audio settings, including full volume control and hands-free and speakerphone modes.

Their telecommunications options aren’t at all lacking either – the Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and the Alcatel-Lucent 8012’s SIP support and dual-tone multi-frequency system  make them simple and reliable, and both models offer multi-line management and three-way conference call options, as well as dial-by-name technology and easy-to-use call hold and transfer functions.

Finally, the Alcatel-Lucent 8002 SIP Handset and the Alcatel-Lucent 8012 DeskPhone offer basic networking capability for your business through, the 8002 through its LAN 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection and the 8012 through its more advanced 10/100/1000 PC-integrated Ethernet switch. Both also have compatibility with Alcatel-Lucent’s communications platforms, and their adaptable design allow them to integrate smoothly into any existing telecommunications network, regardless of its complexity.

Whether your business is just taking off or you’re just looking for a simple, functional phone for your office, the Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and the Alcatel-Lucent 8012 DeskPhone make for a cost-effective purchase that’s flexible enough to fill all your basic telecommunications needs.

Call John, Mark or one of the Team at Com2 Com2 Communications today for a quote on your next investment into Alcatel Lucent hardware and technology solutions. 1800 266 628

Samsung Announces New Galaxy S4

by john

The phone that keeps an eye out for you! Watch this space!

On the 14th of March, Samsung held a press conference announcing their new smartphone, the Galaxy S4. On top of improved specifications all around over the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S4 sports a number of improved motion control-based features, as well as a business and enterprise-oriented set of revolutionary security measures, the KNOX solution.
The release date in Australia is rumored to be April 26th, with Telstra customers able to purchase the handset shortly after. If the current market prices on recent handsets are a guide, it would be likely available from Telstra on one of their cap plans for around $75 per month. Talk to one of our team at Com2 if you are thinking of upgrading and we can keep you posted on the release as we know more. As far as we know, it will be kitted up for Telstra's 4G network!

The Galaxy S4 is slated to be slightly smaller in size than its predecessor with a slightly larger display (with a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution). It runs on Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa processor, which uses two separate sets of quad-core processors – one powerful set of four Cortex A-15 cores, and one less powerful set of four Cortex-A7 cores - and switches between the two depending on the processing power required for a task. This was designed to maximize battery life and power efficiency. The Galaxy S4 will also run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean by default.
New Technology Innovations
Possibly the most notable aspects of the approaching Galaxy S4 are its motion control-based innovations: Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Air View, and Air Gesture. Smart Pause pauses any media being played on the smartphone if the user looks away, then unpauses when the user’s eyes are back on the phone, and Smart Scroll allows users to tilt the Galaxy S4 to scroll up and down emails or documents.
Air View & Air Gesture - Look out!
Air View and Air Gesture both allow the user control over their applications without having to touch the screen – Air Gesture allows the Galaxy S4 to recognize hand motions made over it and perform functions, such as playing music or scrolling through images, appropriately, and Air View allows a user to hover their finger over something they want to examine for more details – seeing one’s schedule on a calendar, or seeing a preview of an email by hovering over it.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 promises to be a worthy successor to GSMA’s Best Smartphone of 2012, the Galaxy S III, and will hit stores worldwide toward the end of this month. If you are as excited about this as Com2 Communications, call on of our business professionals and we can help you find not only the handset you are after, but the pans and service you need! Call 1800 266 628

Smartphones Predicted to Overtake Feature Phones

by john

As of this year, the mobile telecommunications market is looking to burst into a brand new era. While smartphones are by no means a sudden market innovation, 2013 marks the first year in which more smartphones are slated to ship than feature phones, according to telecommunications and mobile market research firm IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. The Tracker writes:

“Smartphone prices have fallen globally, the smartphone strata are wider than ever, and the roll-out of data-centric fourth-generation (4G) wireless networks are three factors that have made these "do-it-all" devices an increasingly attractive option for users. By the end of 2017, IDC forecasts 1.5 billion smartphones will be shipped worldwide, which equates to just over two-thirds of the total mobile phone forecast for the year due to these primary factors.”

The smartphone market is well on its way to that lofty 1.5 billion goal now – this year, 918.6 million smartphones will be shipped worldwide, just over half the total number of phones being shipped worldwide. This is in part because of the growing number of businesses adopting BYOD, or bring your own device, policies, giving employees the freedom to use their mobile phone of choice while still retaining access to important company files. Com2 Communications can assist with managing these developements in your business.

The downward trend in price for smartphones has also opened up opportunities in countries with large populations and budding economies, such as China, Brazil, and India, and with the re-emergence of BlackBerry and Microsoft’s entry into the market, demand is still firm even in the smartphone-saturated United States. Things only look to get more competitive – and smartphones only look to get more popular – over the coming years.
In Brisbane John Boshier can be contacted on 0409 489 510 to assist with mobile technology developemnts within your business, and on the Gold Coast, Mark Pertile is available on 0409 180 536

VoIP and Its Business Benefits

by john

assets/ip-office-images/Business Phone System Handsets/Alcatel-Lucent My IC Phone.jpgVoIP, or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol, is now a common place technology in the telecommunications world that converts speech into digital information packets and sends them over the internet – effectively placing a call over the internet. For a number of reasons – flexibility and cost-effectiveness chief among them – VoIP is becoming more and more of a standard integration with phone systems in business, and it certainly has quite a few benefits for any company.

For example, the aforementioned cost-effectiveness. This is probably VoIP’s most striking point; not only do most VoIP telephone systems provide services such as voice mail, call forwarding, and conference calling with little or no additional cost, many charge less for long-distance and international calls than traditional phone providers. Com2 Communications offer Telstra's new range of offerings catering to the VoIP market and some compelling packages to suit businesses of all sizes. We also work with clients who have their own VoIP providers to provide solutions that allow clients peace of mind by combing traditional customer premise equipment (CPE) with

VoIP’s flexibility is the other major point to look at – not only are there more specialized pieces of telecommunications equipment that use VoIP, but computers can use it, too, and even older phones can easily be adapted to use VoIP. It can communicate perfectly fine with older, more traditional phones as well, and is by nature compatible with video calling. VoIP is also considerably less limited by location, thanks to the internet’s extensive reach, and can easily integrate with software to expand its utility as a telecommunications medium.

There are a few things to be aware of when switching over to VoIP – at very least, a business changing phone services will likely have to change its number. More seriously, some VoIP systems are unable to emergency dial 000, and all VoIP systems require a broadband connection and power to function. They’re also susceptible to the same problems that plague any online device – malware or virus attacks, denial of service attacks, or service or identity theft.

Still, that shouldn’t dissuade any business from looking into this wonderful new technology, provided they can prepare to deal with its downsides. There are many elements to a good VoIP solution and it is advised to get an expert to put your solution topgether.
To explore your options further or to identify if VoIP is something that would work for you, call Com2 Communications on 1800 266 628 and ask for one of our professional phone system specialists to discuss your VoIP options today.

Phone systems for Law Firms.... Avaya has them covered!

by john

Communications Solutions for Law Firms
Law Firms needs in communication abilities were provided by Avaya IP Office to:
assets/ip-office-images/User Productivity/Business Phone System - IP Office - Power User.jpg 
  • Boost paid hours of work
  • Reduce your firms’ expenses
  • Improved client service
Communications that builds business
Building the correct communication systems is what most lawyers pursue today right after they have graduated and passed the board exams. They are aware that clients’ wants their lawyers to be always available and can be easily reached to gain loyalty.
Benefits of getting the right communications system to your law firm:
  • Make things easier to do repetitive tasks like recording of calls and phone system administration.
  • By programming method of time-based accounting and billing, you can easily remove mistakes and improve your normal cash flow.
  • Reduce expenses by being able to support people effectively and efficiently from just anywhere.
Getting everyone stay connected is just the beginning of what Avaya’s communication system can provide law firms nowadays.
With the Avaya IP Office communications system, your law firm around the world will be able to take advantage of its features and capabilities that are precisely created for today’s law firms needs which is presented in one compact solution.
Are you ready to make your organization bigger in the fast paced world of legal services? Avaya IP Office has the tools and equipment that you will need to get ahead!
IP Office: Communications are made easier
Managing Cost with Conference Calls: With Avaya IP Office, lawyers can start up a conference call at all times even if in different locations. IP Office offers an integrated private, safe bridge with an inbuilt ability to host two 64-party conferences that makes it simple and easy to get all parties on the line. It gets rid of the usual charges that you pay to outside conferencing services even if your firm has multiple conference calls happening at the same time. Aside from the audio call, IP Office can also show documents like web pages, photos, etc. on an internal video conference.
“Call me anytime”:  With Avaya IP Office, lawyers can give their office’s main number to their clients or to anyone and automatically transfer that call to a mobile phone, home phone, etc. to remove an endless telephone tag and confusion when they are not in their offices or if they are out with another client. Attorneys can monitor important calls as well as check their voice messages, e-mails and faxes at the same time which helps build your firms’ reputation.
Time tracking and Expenses distribution:
Work done over the phone plays an important part of all billing in any law firm because it can challenging in doing accounts when cellphones are included. Avaya IP Office doesn’t only make it simple and easy, it can also be programed to collect data and give you the usual reports that you can help you directly with clients. Every call is listed and checked because calls are transferred through the IP Office.
Communications for home-based freelancers: Since IP Office is an Internet Protocol-based system; the Avaya Solution can easily setup a home office with just a softphone on a computer which gives all the call handling features and capabilities for freelancers that law firms hire to do certain jobs at home. You will be able to gain from these qualified people for just a small amount of time.
Reduce Cost and Expenses:  Charges from calling one place to another are removed if you use IP Office when your business is located at many places. IP Office allows you to manipulate your entire communication infrastructure from one location via a single Windows based user interface if you have practices on different locations. You can also reduce hold times by pooling call handling resources and have much more skilled people to take the calls. Aside from this, you can share your company directory and messaging system in different locations.
Documented calls: Avaya knows that recording of calls is very important in law firms that’s why IP Office makes it simple and easy to document conversations when necessary, recover those calls and listening to them through a computer. You can also scan them for significant part of the calls and hand them out via email.
Easy and economical administration: You don’t have to bother modifying your communications system when you have to add or relocated phones or if there’s’ a sudden staff changes because of IP Office. Since IP Office can read IP Addresses, you just have to plug in and turn the power on when one of your employees’ leaves or another device needs to be setup from another location including a home office. IP Office allows you to manipulate your entire communication infrastructure from one location via a single Windows based user interface if you have firms on different locations.
Law Firms Premier Choice
Essential Edition
“Essential connection is just what I want” 
Help keep your costs down and get all the essential call handling capabilities— IP Office Essential Edition is the perfect communications starter kit for your new small law firm phone system.
What’s Included: All the “must haves” your firm needs (call routing, Caller ID, hold/ conference/transfer, voice mail) plus a great selection of Avaya phones. When you are ready, move up to the
Preferred Edition
Preferred Edition
“I want my employees to be more openly accessible and efficient.” 
Get the communications capabilities that will give your firm a competitive edge…as well as the built-in capacity you need to keep growing.
What’s Included: Ten times more call handling and voice messaging capacity than Essential Edition plus automated service prompts (wait time, promotions, etc.) as well as call recording for keeping tabs on how well clients are being handled on the phone.
Advanced Edition
“Provide me the things that I need to serve clients successfully.” 
For law firms that take customer service seriously and want to be the best. You get everything in the Preferred Edition plus powerful tools for managing your center. 
What’s Included: Automated self-service options—for providing directions, information about your firm, and more.
Automated service alerts that let you know when service thresholds (i.e., wait times, calls on hold) have been exceeded. Advanced call recording options you can use to identify problems and quickly address them.
You can use any devices that you want with IP Office, because it has the capability to work with IP, digital/analog, SIP or wireless technologies
Employees Efficiency Solution
IP Office User Productivity Solutions— Power to Your People
This is a communication tool that is use to take advantage of your partnerships’ executives, managers or anyone using a laptop of their accessibility and transactions.
With simple point-and-click call controls that modernize call handling which you can provide your firms’ front desk personnel.
Wherever your people are, they can always keep in touch.
Provide your firms’ call center with the kit to give prompt, precise, special service.
You can provide a full set of tools to anyone using a computer to assist them in easy communications and intelligent working. 
You can make any residence office a remote addition of your firm.
Reports on how service calls are being managed are provided so that you can review your firms’ advertisings, etc.
No matter what your needs, we have you covered.
For Brisbane Avaya Phone Systems for your Law Firm - Contact John on 0409 489 510
For Gold Coast Avaya IP Office for your Law Firm - Contact Mark on 0409 180 536

4G - Why it’s Better

by john

When it comes to mobile phones, one has most likely heard about both the 3G and the 4G network, but probably remains unaware of all the differences. 3G is still widely used by most carriers for voice and data. However, more and more the 4G network is taking over, especially in business as 4G offers more reliable calls. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the 3G and 4G networks.


Currently, 3G offers faster data, and this network can be used by developers to create maps, which are used regularly by the younger crowd. The 3G network is preferred for many popular games and offers multimedia services that are quite powerful.

While all the points above sound great, there are disadvantages that need to be taken into account when considering 3G as well. One of the issues with the 3G network is that it is expensive and for that reason the clientele using this network is limited.


There are several benefits of using a 4G network. First, 4G is great for advanced mobile services, including streaming movies and videos. 4G has a higher speed than both Wi-Fi and 3G. While Wi-Fi serves its purpose, 4G is far more reliable. The expanded coverage of this network means that connectivity is more or less constant wherever you visit, especially in the cities.

For businesses, this means that there is typically no worry of dropping calls as the connectivity is very reliable. In addition, as a business, user safety is of the utmost importance and 4G is much more secure than Wi-Fi. The privacy and security of data for everyone is enhanced greatly on the 4G network. For those looking for payment options, 4G equipment can be rented from many carriers and there are some great non-contract plans available. Additionally, many companies have introductory offers for their 4G network.

One of the things that you need to be aware of when choosing the 4G network is that it is rather new. This network is not available in all parts of the world just yet and while the connectivity of 4G is of high quality, since it is still in its infancy, there could be some bugs or glitches that need to be worked out.

When all things are considered, it is quite clear that 4G is the future. For those that are considering a new plan or are looking for the best possible network option, 4G is the way to go. The advantages of this network far outweigh the negatives, which make 4G definitely worth considering. It will not be long before 4G is available worldwide and 3G is likely to become a thing of the past. The speed and connectivity of 4G make it the better overall choice.

For more information about 4G, or to get connected, chat with Com2 Communications on 1800 2666 28 today.

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