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Social Media

add social such as facebook, twitter and Google+ to you call centre

Predictive Diallers

one agent can contact up to 400 numbers a day... Boost Productivity

Contact Centre

Full contact centres allow integration of voice, video, chat & more...

Cloud Call Centre

take your call centre to the cloud - Redundancy - Resiliancy - Scalability.


Call Monitor

managers dial into a call to listen for coaching and quality assurance

Call Whisper

a coach can be on a call to heard by the agent but not by the caller.

Call Buddy

allows a manager and an agent to be on the call at the same time.

Call Steal

a manager can take control of a call that has gotten out of hand.


Call Forward

a call is forwarded from the system out to another line or mobile

Call Transfer

calls are passed from one user to another via transfer

Auto Pick-Up

Agents are fed the next avaialabel call and notified with a tone.

Call Reporting

View historical call data and statistics for the day or as it happens.


Call Hold

a caller is placed on hold listening to music or On Hold Messages


bring multiple parties into a call, and have a 3+ party conference

Call Waiting

agent hearts a “BEEP” on the line notifying that a incoming call is ready.

Agent Login

Agents can log in or out of different queues or multiple queues.


Real Time


managers see agent status and live call data for the call centre

Dash Board


Raise awareness of wait times, average hold & calls to a wall board

On Hold


Cutom music or messages for customers on hold. Sell while they wait!

Line Hunt

the system searches for the next free agent to take an incoming call


Call Groups


groups are set up for specific calls e.g. sales, admin, technical, etc…



callers select where their call is directed according to their needs


Personalised voice-mail inbox for each extension and group e.g reception

Voice Mail to Email

Forwarding of Voice-Mail message sto your email inbox - get it on you mobile!

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