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Preview Dialling, Manual Dialling, Full Predictive Dialling Quick Connect and Fixed Rate Dialling

Outbound Predictive Dialling in a user friendly format all bundled in a cost effective pricing structure built for real business!

With 5 Dialler configurations, the enterprise SEP software package delivers the tools to build an effective and highly efficient contact centre solution.

You can upload your Dialling data simply and quickly and set the system for outbound calls which then delivers answered calls directly to any available agent. The SEP software will then monitor the connection rates vs the agents available at the end of each call along with call statistics such as call durations and volumes and then using its clever algorithm, alters the dialling rate to minimise the time between calls to a minimum so you get MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY!

Your supervisor or call centre manager can also adjust the amount of calls on the go so as to ensure the best level for agent durability and work place vibe can be maintained.

Due to SpitFires awesome in-house software development team, they offer one of the most comprehensive diallers in the market. It is not only one of the most efficient diallers, it has also come with the full array of features that you may find in other telephony solutions in the market but with the full bonus of built in dialler capabilities. The Enterprise SpitFire solution can dial in a variety of modes:

SpitFire - Predictive Dialler:

Predictive Diallers or Dialers utilise specific algorithms that calculate how many calls need to be placed at the same time to fulfil the next available agent. The SpitFire Algorithm calculate lines, agents, average handling times and other core statistics to assess the speed at theich the calls need to be placed and the volume required to keep the call centre as productive as possible. The algorithm is constantly changing as the day goes on assessing the information in real time to make the calculations, this is one of the reasons predictive diallers are so popular!

SpitFire – Manual Dial:

Manual dialling allows the agent to pause the dialling campaign and make a manual call, thi is good for follow up calls and the call details are recorded as such in the reporting software so as a manager can watch and understand the requirement for this behaviour.

SpitFire - Preview Dialling

Preview Dialling allows the agent to assess the information on the coming call and assign it to “Dial” or “Snooze”. This is perfect in a collections environment or appointment setting environment where prior information to the agent is a useful tool to the call being placed.

SpitFire - Quick Connect:

This dialling solution is perfect for business to business communications where the data base being called is normally one call = one call connected. The one 2 one ration of agent to call means there are no calls dropped giving the receiver of the call an immediate high quality impression of the agent and works like a treat for account management or collections calls.

SpitFire - Fixed Dialing

When the Fixed Dialling method is used, the call centre or campaign manager sets the volume of calls to be made. There are then a pre-determined number of calls made per agent at the same time and this method takes no account of the number of dropped calls. Whilst it is not the primarily used method these days, it still comes in handy in broadcast and broad coverage outbound dialling.

SpitFire System Features:

SpitFire Outbound Platforms:

  • Manual
  • Fixed Rate Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Quick Connect Dialing
  • Predictive Dialing


All Line Configurations

  • Primary Rate (PRI) ISDN10/20/30
  • Basic Rate (ISDN2)
  • Analogue (PSTN)
  • SIP – VoIP Dialler Capability

Hosting Options

  • On Premises Server
  • Cloud Hosted Server

Unlimited Campaign Management including

  • Campaigns Lines
  • Phone Lines
  • Agents
  • Concurrent Lists
  • Custom Fields
  • Dispositions
  • Outgoing Caller ID based on Campaign
  • Work groups
  • No Call Lists
  • Barred Number Lists
  • Exclusion Numbers & Prefixes

List Management Functions including:

  • Prioritisation
  • Stacking
  • Export Data (new,existing,text)
  • List Alteration based on Stats
  • Alternate List Dialling

Disposition based:

  • Auto Emailing
  • Email Recordings
  • Auto Redialling

CRM INTEGRATIONS – windows or browser based

Microsoft SQL Database access

Built in DNC (do not call) manager

SEP Agent Features:

  • Cold Agent Transfer with Data
  • Warm Conference Transfer
  • Custom Scripting with Campaign POP
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Multiple Campaign Login
  • Preview Call Back
  • Call Back Scheduler
  • Print Call Record
  • Wrap Up Codes

SEP Manager Features:

Call Monitoring and Coaching functions

  • Monitor
  • Whisper
  • Barge
  • Conference

Real-time Statistics

Full Call Reporting including Sales Revenue

Dynamic Campaign Management

Time Zone and Daylight Savings call dialler management

Call Back Management – Preview, Reschedule,  

Re-Assign Call Backs & Export



Built In Flexability

All of these dialling methods are available in the call centre environment within the SEP software solution. The built in Flexibility is one of SpitFires greatest features. All the changes can be made with the click of a button from any computer on the network meaning you could even remotely manage the call centre from a VPN connected pc from the other side of the country! The browser based interface that your agents are presented is easy to understand, giving them the critical information they need to focus their energy on your customers and building your business and revenues.  

Keep Agents Focused

SEP is a fully blended call center solution that supports unlimited lines, agents, and campaigns. Its greatest strength is in its flexibility: multiple campaigns can be set up, viewed, and changed with the click of a button. With easy options for customization, data and dispositions can be catered to each campaign. In addition to our user-friendly interface, SEP highlights full customer data and combines multiple campaigns on one screen. All the information your agents need is accessible at a glance, freeing their energy to focus on what matters: the calls.

Working with Com2 Communications, you can rest assure that you are getting the broadest advice on your call centre solution. We are not one size fits all, we customise solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring we find the best integration path between call centre solutions, Phone Systems, carriers, CRM applications and more. We build comprehensive call centre solutions tailored to your business!


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