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The Cel-Fi Intelligent Repeater

Poor in house mobile coverage is now a thing of the past. The Cel-Fi repeater provides a clever and quick solution to your indoor coverage problems by amplifying the signal from the NextG network and extending it through the house or office servicing multiple handsets and mobile devices on the Telstra network.

It has been designed to maximise coverage, approved by Telstra for use and to be installed simply and effectively by one of our technicians or an end user who is IT savvy!

How does Cel-Fi work?

Cel-Fi is designed to target and connect to Telstra's 3G mobile signal. For many, the signal is much better outside a building than in it. Cel-Fi, once locked to the the carrier, will only amplify the signal in Telstras frequency of 850mhz without causing interferance. This signal is gathered by the Window Unit, which communicates with your closest mobile base station (tower) and in turn amplyifies the signal and disperses it to the coverage unit via a wireless link.

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