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How Com2 can help

New Phone Systems

Looking to install a new phone system in Sydney? Packages begin at $3000 fully installed. World class quality at prices you will only see here! 

Business Relocations

Relocating? Upsizing? Adding a new site? Com2 can help you move your phone system anywhere in Sydney and save you time and money! 

Technical Support

We provie technical support, site visits, remote assistance ans well and maintenance agreements for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

Call Centre Solutions

If your business is adding a call centre, or looking to do more with their existing call centre, Com2 are the experts you need to engage!


In a world where communication technologies can make or break a business, every organisation needs an efficient phone system. If your business requires an upgrade, Com2 is one of the most respected providers of business phone systems in Sydney.

With years of experience in business phone systems, make the most of our wealth of knowledge and let us assist you with finding a suitable option. 

Our product range includes the following highly regarded brands:








With over 15 years’ experience in providing cutting-edge technology to businesses all over Australia, Com2 Communications is Sydney’s local internet and phone system specialist. Offering a selection of services and ongoing tech support, our expert team is highly skilled at navigating competitive corporate environments through the application of advanced telecommunication strategies.

Our phone system and telecommunications products and services cover a huge range of business communication essentials. Whether your organisation is big or small, Com2 can be relied upon to help you maintain the highest level of telecommunications efficiency.


Is poor-quality internet holding your business back? Com2’s high speed internet services feature the most up-to-date equipment and software available in Sydney, with a diverse variety of data networking packages designed especially for digital business environments.

Our internet products include:

• Ethernet First Mile (EFM)   • Business Fibre Connections   • Ethernet over Copper   • Microwave Links   • NBN   • ADSL   • ADSL2+   • FTP   • Satellite   • BDSL

As well as the options above, we can also assist you by arranging connectivity via ADSL2+, midband Ethernet and to data centres.


From basic analog phone line connections to advanced web-based systems, our voice services were made to suit the varying needs of different businesses.
Select a suitable voice service for your business from the following options:

VoIP – The essential purpose of VoIP is to allow for voice communication over the internet, via the transit of voice in data packets.

PSTN– The most commonly used telecommunications channel in Australia, PTSN is an essential analog connection used mainly for phone communication.

ISDN – This digital telephony service comes with a range of capabilities and is delivered via copper wire infrastructure.

SIP – Allowing for data, video and voice to be delivered and received over the internet, SIP is classified as a high-performing connection.






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We look after BIG business... and small!
Regardless of size, our telephony solutions can be customised for small, medium and large corporate alike and deliver results every time. We are here to help you stay ahead of the pack and remain competitive with market leaders in your industry. Contact us now and we will be in touch to discuss how one of our telephone system solutions can best benefit your company. We can assist you in supplying new phone systems or maintaining existing ones. Whatever you require, Com2 can deliver.
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As all businesses understand, building a strong reputation is a combination of hard work, consistency, reliability and visibility. Panasonic is one of those companies that has got the mix right for business phone systems. These durable, easy to maintain and simple to use phone systems make strong contender for your new telephony solution. Business phones need to provide functionality and value with built in features that allow you to get the most of the new technology.


This European market leader has a strong presence in Australia, especially in the medical industry. This core offering from Com2 Communications delivers cutting edge technology in a streamlined telephony solution that comprises great features to assist your company in working smarter... not harder. Choosing Alcatel Lucent will be the first of many good choice you make in taking your business forward with Com2 Communications


Global market leaders are looked up to and set as bench marks in any industry. The Avaya IP Office is a phone system that is rarely equalled in terms of performance, flexibility, features and functionality. Best of all, it is an affordable system for small, medium and large business to get more for their investment. It's ability to give clients their every requirement makes this solution one of the top selling solutions in Australia at the moment, and you will have to experience it to believe it.

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