The Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone

The mounting needs of growing businesses make better technology a constant, sometimes overwhelming demand. That constant demand is one Avaya is happy to answer, however, with the star of its B100 series, the Avaya B179 Conference Phone.
A conference phone’s most important feature is its sound quality, and the Avaya B179 most certainly delivers! Offering a high-performance sound system that makes full use of its Omnisound technology, it delivers every sound in an impressive 200-7000Hz frequency range through its powerful 360°surround sound speakers. This crystal-clear sound is also completely free of interruption thanks to the Avaya B179’s Full Duplex system, which optimizes conversation by broadcasting and picking up sound simultaneously. It also features a noise suppression filter that reduces background noise and makes sure that none of your important conversations are missed. The Avaya B179 is also great for reference or archival purposes, featuring a 2GB SD memory card that will let you record every important meeting.
The real edge the Avaya B179 SIP conference phone has over other conference phones, however, is its networking potential. While many phones use an analog-based signaling protocol for placing calls, the Avaya B179 uses a SIP-based protocol, allowing it to integrate smoothly with Avaya’s business communications platform, Avaya IP Office, as well as many third-party networks. Its SIP-based protocol also makes it possible for the Avaya B179 to hold up to five-way conference calls, and as all phones in the Avaya B100 series, makes them easy to place thanks to its Conference Guide. The Avaya B179 Conferencing unit also offers web-based configuration, making importing and exporting settings and contact information easy, and an expansive, profile-based address book that makes your contact list simple to manage.
Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone

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