Avaya IP Office Handsets

The IP Office phone range in conjunction with the Avaya IP Office allows the end user to experience the full range of functionality of your new office phone system. The phones can be customised to make the most of the inbuilt functionality. This customisation allows your employees to make the most out of your Avaya Phone System.



Each series within the Avaya phone range serves to meet different needs and allow clients to work within a budget. The range spans front eh premium quality 9600 series to the budget conscious 1400 series. There are the 3700 series DECT phones and the great new range of Avaya Conference phones. All in all, there is a phone to suit every requirement in your business, and Com2 is here to help you find the right solution!


The IP Office has a variety of phone ranges and equipment you can choose from that is specifically designed for the IP office platform. With ample choice in the Avaya portfolio, look around below and find out more!
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